What is the Point of Life and Living?

  strokebow 20:30 24 Sep 2008

What is the Point of Life and Living?

Our lives are short and every night we put our heads on the pillow we are never sure that we will ever wake up?

So, what is the meaning of life?

What happens after death?


People's opinions and, more importantly, the evidence and reasoning for their opinions are very welcome.


  newman35 20:34 24 Sep 2008

Nobody actually knows why, or why we are here at all - but the alternative will be upon us all shortly anyway, so why spend time worrying about it?

  strokebow 20:46 24 Sep 2008

Since we spend alot of time longer dead than alive I think its worth worrying about, dont you.

I personally am not worrying about it however I was just interested in peoples opinion's. I used to worry but no longer.

  Woolwell 20:52 24 Sep 2008

It is against the forum rules to promote religious beliefs. Therefore it is difficult to answer your thread.

  strokebow 21:08 24 Sep 2008

Wikipedia defines religious beliefs as...

"Religious belief refers to a mental state in which trust (faith) is placed in a creed related to the supernatural, sacred, or divine."

click here

Since I personally do not have trust (faith) in a creed but a living person, Jesus Christ, then I guess that grants me the freedom to express my reason for no longer fearing death.

As a sinner (someone who does not meet God's requirements - ie, broken God's law, aka the 10 commandments) Jesus took my punishment upon Himself on the cross so that when I meet my maker I will not be punished for my sin. God could forgive me on this basis because Jesus was perfect and justice was done when he took my punishment.

The bible says, "Prepare to meet your God".

That is my persuasion with regards the questions I outlined but I really just wanted to know what people think the point of life is and do they ever think of what happens after death?

  laurie53 21:11 24 Sep 2008

Life's too short to worry about why we're living it!

  oresome 21:28 24 Sep 2008

Does there have to be a point to living? It is what we make of it.

I don't think we spend anytime dead. At that point we cease to exist.

Others will see things differently and I respect their right to whatever view they hold.

This is the type of conversation I try to avoid engaging with door step visitors on a Sunday morning! I remain pleasant and wish them well with their belief, But I don't quite see why something so good needs such a hard sell.

  SB23 21:36 24 Sep 2008

Who cares, we're all here, just get on with it!

  [email protected] 21:41 24 Sep 2008

world of warcraft..... point of life? anyone know where i can get one?

  [email protected] 21:47 24 Sep 2008

seriously i quite worried. i have had 2 weeks off work and all i have done is made a paladin, i now have a top level epic character is every race. im 40! i hoped i would get over this by now, but when im not playing wow im on eother lord of the rings or conan and have order warhammer. i don't like doing much else. is this life?

  Kev.Ifty 22:50 24 Sep 2008

Don't know what the meaning of life or the reason for life is. Whatever! Heres a thing though...

20 Years ago I met a young Dutch Girl. I could not take my eyes off her, she was (and still is)gorgeous.

One day I plucked up the courage and asked her for a date. She said "YES" During the couple of days after she said yes - and the time we met in the local pub for a peu romantique Steak. I could not eat or sleep properly.

(I still wish one could recreate that 'Tingly' feeling of juvenile excitement come disbelief come juvenile disbelief come, Whatever... 'SHE SAID YES' !!!)

Over the years the 'Dutch Girl'(now my Wife) and I have visited Zoo's that were nice and Castles that were jolly and Parks that were fun and Theatres were good and Cinemas that were Ok.

We've had dinner at Her Mum and Dads and dinner at my Mum and Dads. We have had fun and not so much fun.

Once we went to a fancy dress party. She wore a nurses uniform and looked very very good. I think I was a pirate. I cant remember though... I drank too much and fell asleep as soon as we got home. What a night I missed? She forgave me. lol

I was at the birth of our two Children. The first, my Daughter (9). The second, my Son (7). We nearly lost my Son at 3 weeks! The stress gave me Psoriasis....

The meaning of life??


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