What Phone OS Platform

  woodchip 10:24 21 Sep 2012

Before you say it should be in the Phone forum, it's not a phone problem, and this is why I posted hear in that it's going to get more views and responses than Phone Forum. As we all know Apple are Patents Paranoid. 1/ So what happens to all those with Android phones and software development? 2/ what is going to be the best platform to use other than iPhone? Windows or still Android

  interzone55 08:25 22 Sep 2012

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So if you commit the same crime on a smaller scale it's OK.

Next time I'll just steal one £10,000 watch instead of 100

  Woolwell 11:21 22 Sep 2012

FE - I didn't state that Apple were getting away with anything. You've taken part of alan14's post. However Apple have decided to remove Google Maps and instead have Apple Maps. There is no choice. Google Maps as a separate app isn't available. It is different with browsers. Although Safari is bundled I can use Chrome. With MS the EU insist that MS let users know about a choice of browsers. Apple don't appear to have to do that and they let users have no choice over mapping. Will it be only a matter of time before the EU investigate Apple?

  woodchip 12:28 22 Sep 2012

FE re your First Post, You said in it nearly word for word what my Daughter as told me. But I did want a new Phone that is not going to be Ancient History in the near future . One that will serve my needs as you say. Plus good clear sound as I have two earing aids, and now started with cataracts

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