hijo 22:58 26 Nov 2006

Hi everyone,ok i need some "outside" oppinion & its just for referance ONLY,
ive got the chance to move to South America,Ecuador (Quito) to be exact with my wife & son,shes from there so thats the biggest door open for us,we've had a major issue with our next door Neighbor & we have just got sick of the noise from her & her so called mate's,we have also had enough of the rising cost of living here ie TAX & price rises of petrol/gas/electricity so on & so on,iam aware that its a cheaper way of life over there but then the average wage is terrible,but what iam trying to do is think about the pro's & con's of moving there for example theres no NHS over there,there'is lot of corruption there (more than here i belive),its a differant climate,the language there (Spanish)of which i speak about 45% & theres always the issue of missing home...as it cost's around £750 pp return flight but if we go its going to be a one way ticket to keep cost's down,if anyone has been there (as ive not yet after 5 yrs of been together)& has some experiance on the place please fill me in...

  WhiteTruckMan 23:15 26 Nov 2006

for soc.culture.ecuador

Hardly definitive I know, but its the best I can do!


  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:19 26 Nov 2006

I have spent quite a bit of time in Ecuador and...1) there are very few jobs...2) the pay is abysmal..3) I assume you are a gringo and will be unlikely to get a job plus you will be the butt of many jokes if you do manage to get a job...4) the way of living is completely alien to us and is very difficult to acclimatise to......5) bribes are a way of life but as you will have de nada money you will be shafted...6) social security/health care/old age pension/care of the elderley/National Health; forget it.....7) if you are born poor in Central/Latin America you stay poor until death; here there is a chance, it may be a small chance but it is there....8) depending on where you are the climate is not too dissimilar but you need to embrace the idea of soil toilets.

Why not move elsewhere in the UK/France/Germany/Eire etc.


  hijo 23:40 26 Nov 2006

thanks guys for the info,twas a bit on the edge when i read your point "gandalf" but the truth is there is suppose,my wife's family have many contacts to get work ect,my wife has various degree's in her country so maybe she'll work untill i sort things out, the reason why we wont be going to "UK/France/Germany/Eire" is cause shes lived in France & although she liked it she had enough,germany sounds ok but are we realy moving in the right direction..?? as we only know one person there in Austria,things are a bit more difficult as we have a child,my oppinion is here or South America...anyway thanks guys (above)

  Forum Editor 00:03 27 Nov 2006

when I hear of someone moving to another country to escape aspects of life in their own - it's the very worst reason for starting in a new country.

The best reason to live elsewhere is that the new location is better than the one you're in, and with great respect to your wife's background, Ecuador is definitely NOT a better place for someone who has hitherto lived their life in the UK. Quito is an attractive city, and has lots of Spanish colonial-style buildings, but the political and econmic climate leaves a great deal to be desired. Ecuador has the highest inflation rate in South America, and there's no sign of an improvement. Poverty - real poverty of the kind not seen in our country for 150 years - is rife, and the political situation is laughable - they change presidents at the drop of a hat.

You may well be disenchanted with your neighbours, but that problem can be resolved. Rising prices are a fact of life, and if you want to escape them you'll have to move to one of the polar ice caps - they certainly have a major rising price problem in Ecuador.

My advice is to let the world take a few turns; you're obviously stirred up by this problem next door, and I can well understand that, but it will pass in due course. You'll sail into calmer waters. Move to Ecuador and you'll find life a lot harder than you think, especially if you have little or no capital behind you.

  WhiteTruckMan 00:11 27 Nov 2006

"I'm always slightly disturbed when I hear of someone moving to another country to escape aspects of life in their own - it's the very worst reason for starting in a new country. "

Well said, FE! Have you considered a new career as an asylum appeals judge?



  hijo 00:18 27 Nov 2006

that was an amazing abundance of words there FE & i see your point 100%,i agree totaly with you there in every respect belive me,its not just down to our neighbours though i have lived in other countries & enjoyed it BUT they was ALL in the EU,there is MAJOR issues over in Ecuador in all aspect's....many thankx for your time FE..:-)

  WhiteTruckMan 00:21 27 Nov 2006

Could it be that the neighbour thing was not so much the prime motivator as the final straw?


  Forum Editor 00:51 27 Nov 2006

Errrm....... try to read things contextually, rather than applying a lateral interpretation. You, and anyone else reading the thread knew perfectly well what I meant, and your rather silly nitpicking does you no credit.

For the record, and your edification, I was referring to the kind of move being contemplated by the thread's originator.

  WhiteTruckMan 01:16 27 Nov 2006

My last post was meant to be tongue in cheek and I believed I indicated it was too. Apparently you chose not to take it as such. Fair enough.

I do think that although ultimately hijo's decision must be his alone he is suffering from 'grass is greener..' type of thinking. Although I stand to be corrected (by hijo) I think he is wanting to do this for a percieved better way of life. He is not alone in this desire, as many millions around the world come to the same conclusion every year. Although the from and to parts are just details -admittedly major ones!-he is not in my opinion much different in principle from people who come to this country to get away from something in their country of origin. And thats not intended to be a derogatory remark in any concieveable way.


  Sapins 10:05 27 Nov 2006

Have you thought of Spain? It has many advantages, the health service is now extremely good, the cost of living bears comparison with the UK, the climate is much better, the people are very welcoming and you have the greatest advantage in that you speak the language. Why not have a holiday there first, we usually go for a month or two in the winter and we are going again in January next year.

And before you jump in WTM I am not working for any organisation in Spain;-)

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