What is a month's rainfall

  interzone55 09:50 25 Sep 2012

Apparently we're due a month's rainfall today, is this a normal month, or one of this year's months that have seen several days each month getting a full month's rainfall.

  Bing.alau 10:08 25 Sep 2012

It's the amount of rain that falls in a month. I have a wheelbarrow which is left upright wherever I last used it in the garden. When it is full of rainwater that constitutes a month's rain. Sometimes it takes a day like yesterday and other times it takes all year. Confusing isn't it?

I bet nobody knows really.

  Aitchbee 10:11 25 Sep 2012

Looking at a United Kingdom map [ of Annual Rainfall distribution], the whole of the west coast of Britain gets about 4 times more rain than the east coast; typically north west Scotland 2500mm of rain compared with 600mm of rain in south east England. [ref. Collins Student World Atlas p.20]

  Quickbeam 10:44 25 Sep 2012

We had more, I used the contents of a 45 gallon rain butt to refresh the fish pod on Sunday in the autumn clean up. That was emptied an cleaned and it filled overnight and spilled over all day until about 7pm when the rain passed over.

Not very scientific I know, but it usually takes a week or so to refill at this time of the year.

  Forum Editor 10:55 25 Sep 2012

The month's rainfall figure is the average amount of rain that falls on a specific location in any particular month. Rainfall is measured in a rain gauge, which in simple terms is a wide-mouthed funnel which tapers into a long narrower tube. The tube is specially calibrated so that very small amounts of rainfall can be measured.

You can measure rainfall yourself. All you need is a container with a flat bottom and straight sides. Put it out in the open - not under a tree - and just measure the depth of water in the tin at the end of the day. That's your day's rainfall. It's not as accurate as the met office because you can't measure half an hour's worth of drizzle.

  spuds 11:14 25 Sep 2012

"What is a month's rainfall"

Well I would say that all depends on the area and circumstances.

When my local council decided to divert and transfer a water course onto my property, every time it rained, my rainfall quota and water depth multiplied considerably.

They do say that Cherarunji in India as the most recorded rainfall, but in my travelling days, in the tropics and South America, I am sure some high rainfall records were achieved. Nothing like standing out in the monsoon season with a bar of soap :O)

  Nontek 11:23 25 Sep 2012


I met my wife in South America, when she first saw rainfall in UK she grabbed my hand and said RUN - I had to assure her that this was England not South America. She was expecting a total drenching, just like 'home' ...

  G-telware 07:59 26 Sep 2012

When I my boyfriend first time then rainfall falls, and it was a beautiful moment.

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