What is the maximum file size gmail will accept

  pj123 15:07 28 Dec 2005
  sidecar sid 15:37 28 Dec 2005
  pj123 15:45 28 Dec 2005

sidecar sid, thanks. So another reason not to have a gmail account then?

  octal 17:37 28 Dec 2005

Change the file extension to TXT, send it, then back to EXE at the receiving end, would that work?

  Thalmus 18:11 28 Dec 2005

Should do, is what i have to do when sending .exe's via msn

  Forum Editor 19:13 28 Dec 2005

is always a risky business, and that's why GMail (quite understandably) don't allow it. Changing file extensions to fool their filters is plain silly, and surely no responsible person would do it?

  bremner 19:51 28 Dec 2005

You can use one of these to send big attachments.

click here

click here

  pj123 11:07 29 Dec 2005

It is a .zip file not an .exe.

  pj123 16:36 29 Dec 2005


  bremner 16:53 29 Dec 2005

Changing the file extension will often make no difference as the filters read the file header and not the extension.

  pj123 16:58 29 Dec 2005

Yes, read it. So what is the point of having an email account if it won't receive emails? except plain text and then asking someone to send them an attachment. So what sort of attachment files does Gmail accept???

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