What makes some one worth £3000 a day?

  jack 10:56 18 May 2009

Among all the furire about MP's expenses comment has been made on 'Outside Jobs'
In this piece it was commented that some individuals, has sveral extra jobs.
And one individual working for a 'Pensions Advice' company 'took £3000 a day.[Sunday Times Yesterday]
Now setting aside media inaccuracies, what sort of work can command that sort of figre, what special qualities ddoes an individual have to command such a sum.
OK I've been retired a decade from normal low grade work - so I admit to be being 'Out of the loop'

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  crosstrainer 11:12 18 May 2009

"What makes some one worth £3000 a day?"?


  natdoor 11:22 18 May 2009

£3000 per day? That's less than £1 million for a full working year! Most bankers and CEOs wouldn't get out of bed for that!

A basic MP's salary is £65K. Many of these do not have second jobs. I would assume that ministers, who do get additional pay, do not have time for second jobs. William Hague's £500,000 additional income is probably somewhat exceptional, earned mostly from after-dinner speaking. Although why anyone would want to listen to his boring Yorkshire drawl amazes me.

  wiz-king 11:51 18 May 2009

They can kick a ball around and sometimes it goes between a couple of sticks.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:56 18 May 2009

That's cissy money; some Premiership footballers are on at least £5k/day with their wages and sponsorship deals.

  anchor 12:18 18 May 2009

GANDALF: Some premier league footballers get much more:


Wayne Rooney (Manchester United): 13.5 million

Frank Lampard (Chelsea): 13.0 million

David Beckham, (at Milan) tops the lots at 32.4 million

Work that out.

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  interzone55 12:21 18 May 2009

The £3000 a day is probably a consultancy fee, and who-ever you're talking about may only do 10 days work a year.

My brother-in-law acts as a consultant to a large communications company. He does 10 days a year and gets around £50k for his trouble, therefore £5k a day. Last year he saved the company somewhere in excess of £20m in licensing fees, so I'd say they got good value for their money.

In the case of the MP, we've no idea what they do, but if their role is networking (as in social / business networking rather than IT) then again, they could well provide good value if they bring on new clients.

As we've found out in the last few weeks, some MPs live in a different world, and things work differently there...

  Stuartli 12:50 18 May 2009

>>Although why anyone would want to listen to his boring Yorkshire drawl amazes me.>>

Obviously you have never realised that William Hague has a wonderful (and often mischievous) sense of humour.

Certainly Ministers and MPs of all parties appreciate it, especially when he is standing in for David Cameron at PM's Question Time.

  natdoor 13:29 18 May 2009

I'm sure that many talented comedians would be prepared to deputise for him if he is engaged to amuse. Note that having a sense of humour and being a laughing stock are not quite the same.

  Forum Editor 16:42 18 May 2009

by news of these daily fee rates often make the mistake of assuming that the person concerned earns that amount every day of the week. In truth most consultants are lucky if they get one or two days work a week, or even a month, so it's not a case of multiplying £3000 or (whatever) by 200 or so.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:06 18 May 2009

It is not the price of the person's time but how much that person can save a company, as Alan14 pointed out.


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