What lost childhood belongings do you really miss?

  Brumas 23:36 20 Mar 2007

No, I am not an ’anorak’, but I’d love to be able to browse through my old train spotting books again. Unfortunately when moving house in the 60’s my mother must have thrown them out - I was in the Army by then otherwise I would have made sure they were saved!

Lots of people deride train spotting – but I, and I suspect lots more beside, found pleasure in it (steam trains of course) and quite often when I see one I wonder if I had seen it years ago as a young lad.

Of course it was safer then and the waiting rooms, in winter, always had a roaring fire you could retreat to whilst you waited.You could always get a cup of tea in the buffet and the station staff were mildly tolerant of us. No, I am not looking at the past through rose-tinted specs - I remember the downside too!

  wolfie3000 00:06 21 Mar 2007

My old Grifter bike, (Remember them?)
Wish i kept hold of it now.

It weighed a tonne but was built like a tank,
Nothing could damage it.

  Forum Editor 00:10 21 Mar 2007

and my hopes for the future.

  [email protected] 00:46 21 Mar 2007

OMG come to think of it what did my mother do with all my Original Star Wars fugures & ship's SHE THREW THEM OUT when i twagged off school...this was back in 1979/80 if i would of had them today how much would they of been worth....
i was soooo into Star Wars back then (& still am a little) & was kinda spoilt & got the lot but i remember well that my mother chucked the lot in the bin when i was caught in a "Den" that myself & some mates had built & we had a pack of Ciggies & she caught me smoking a cig i was only 8/9 years old she was so angry & so was my father that they told me then that they had thrown the lot,i never saw them again but i dont think they realy did throw them but never did find out what happened to em..mm maybe i should ask her..lol

  Monoux 08:53 21 Mar 2007

fourm member -- Oh yes I remember it well. Not sure my old ticker would cope these days :o)

  Monoux 08:59 21 Mar 2007

Brumas-- My Triang electric trainset. Had several engines, loads of carriages, buildings and track but my pride was the Travelling Post Office carriage which would scoop up a small plastic 'mail sack' from a hook at the side of the track and throw it out later into a small bin also at the side of the track. This all ran round the walls of my bedroom fixed to wooden shelving about 15ins wide which had a lift up 'flap' so the door to the room could open and close. Must have had a clever Dad to set it all up for me :o)

  Mike D 11:35 21 Mar 2007

My Dinky and Corgi cars in their original boxes, which somehow went onto the removal van but never came off. I hesitate to use the word theft but someone has probably made a good deal of money out of them. Funny, the other cars which were not boxed arrived safely (and they were in the same tea chest).

Ah well, water under the bridge.

  Bingalau 14:53 21 Mar 2007

Mike D. Makes you want to spit doesn't it? I sympathise with you over that. You could have made a few bob selling them now. ..Myself I had a broad leather belt at the beginning of the last war, given to me by a farmer who also helped me collect regimental badges. I guess I must have had about fifty different badges on it. But then being an evacuee I was moved to a different billet and never saw it again. I often wonder who half inched it? Most of those badges were made of real metals. Not like they are today which are mostly plastic etc.

  bof:) 17:47 21 Mar 2007

My Action Man, he was mugged Boxing Day, I found him in the bins at the back of our local shop. Todate the muggers have not been found :-(

Go carts made with pram wheels
racing bike (not Chopper bikes)
Lion and Valiant comics
Topper comic
Beezer comic
Beano comic

(not Roy of the Rovers) always thought he was a bit too showy.

  Blackhat 17:55 21 Mar 2007

I dont miss much but this subject has taken over my wife's life. 8 years ago she wanted to find an old doll that she had as a child, she found it, then some more. She now has a personal collection, with more than 2000 on display in our house. Yes more than 2000. click on the link to my wife's personal web site which shows images around our house, you would not believe upstairs and attic unless you saw it for real.

click here

yes I did do all the shelving and no I dont have any space left.

  Forum Editor 18:06 21 Mar 2007

For once I'm lost for words.

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