What kids say, a lighter posting for a change.

  bumpkin 17:06 27 Apr 2013

Away from all the doom and gloom in the world I take great pleasure from my 3yr old grand daughter and some of her innocent comments.

"Mummy sleeps upside down like a bat" being a recent one. When I asked my daughter why she would say that, mum had turned her bed around it transpired.

I am sure others must have similar examples.

  hastelloy 10:29 28 Apr 2013

As we stopped at traffic lights, my 4 year-old granddaughter looked at a sign on the wall of a pub and said "That says no boomerangs allowed". Much to our surprise, she does know what a boomerang is but we can't work out where the comment came from.

  fourm member 10:47 28 Apr 2013

My encounters with children mostly came during my tour-guiding days. Two stay in the memory.

I was just finishing off a tour when a young boy put his hand up. I'm rubbish at aging children but I suppose about 4. I asked him what he wanted and he said 'The other night I was in bed and mummy was in the toilet...' That was all we understood because the rest of the comment was muffled by his mother ramming his face into her chest as she picked him up and ran for the exit.

The second one was my own fault. I always encouraged children to ask questions. At the gate, at the end of a tour, I was talking to a mother when I noticed her child looking quizzical. I asked him if he had a question and he seemed reluctant. So I pressed him and said he could ask any question, it would be alright.

Still a little unsure he said 'Why have you got such a big red nose?'

  Quickbeam 11:11 28 Apr 2013

I remember getting a think ear in the bus queue when I was about 5 or 6 for shrilly asking why is that lady so fat!

  spuds 12:19 28 Apr 2013


The answer might be the Walkabout Australian themed pub chain, here in the UK. Perhaps your granddaughter relates something to that, and you need to have a discussion with her parent's ;o)

  bumpkin 14:37 28 Apr 2013

Marvin42, I would take my boomerangs elsewhere if that is their attitude.

  paddyjack 15:25 28 Apr 2013

The other evening at dinner my 5 year old granddaughter comes out with 'I do not believe in god, god did not create the world. Santa is busy and needs lots of helpers'. NO idea where it all came from, but that's the joy of kids.

  Ex plorer 17:02 28 Apr 2013

My mother read this one out to me from womens Mag.

A women at a funeral in churh had a little boy with her, during in a silent moment the little boy piped up, mummy whats in the box, it caused a few smiles and laughs.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:16 28 Apr 2013

At a nephews wedding five years ago - got to the point where asked if any impediment?

Total silence for a couple of seconds then a little voice piped up "Uh Ooh"

  john bunyan 17:30 28 Apr 2013

fourm member

'Why have you got such a big red nose?

That reminded me of when I was with a Chinese trader well up country in Sarawak many years ago, where very few foreigners were seen. One of the local children, about 4,pointing to my colleague and I , asked her father something in Hokkien. When pressed he said she had said " Why do those foreigners have long noses, like ant - eaters?"

  flycatcher1 19:28 28 Apr 2013

It was decided to let my Grandson, aged seven, watch a Tv sex education programme. It turned out to be more explicit than his parents expected. After detailed interrogation which I will not go into he stated that by the time he was grown up he hoped that they would have found a better method of human reproduction.

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