What is it about computers?

  rawprawn 17:30 06 Apr 2006

My wife says I'm addicted/obsessed, I find that no matter how long I spend there is always something to be learned. They are like a giant crossword, never to be completed, but intensely attractive. Mine is turned on as I get up, and email checked after that it gives me great pleasure just playing about. Don't get me wrong, I am very active Walking/gardening etc but why are we attracted to this indefinable something about computers??

  ade.h 18:17 06 Apr 2006

Strange isn't it?! For me, they are both an interest and a tool, and as such, I can end up being a bit bored/fed up and I have to avoid going near one for a day or two. Which doesn't last long because I soon need to use one again.

  Devil Fish 18:19 06 Apr 2006

i think the thing that keeps us glued is a computer has no defind parameter that is to say you buy a hifi
to listen to music you buy a tv to watch tv and film a playstation for games and so on they all have a specific use. the pc however can be turned to many uses and the technolgy is constantly evolving at a very fast pace

and my own excuse i hide on it when the missus is watching tv i hate soaps

  watchful 18:29 06 Apr 2006

me about it rawprawn!

  Totally-braindead 18:32 06 Apr 2006

As far as I'm concerned Devil Fish has summed it up for me. In the past 3 hours in between watching a bit of telly, reading a book and repairing a model airplane I have backed up some files, created a new set of files from 5 or 6 others, listened to a bit of music, spent some time on this Forum, played a couple of different games, checked my emails a couple of times, tracked a parcel I've ordered and burned a DVD.

Now lets see you manage that on a Playstation 2 or an Xbox.

Computers are very diverse they can do so many things, sadly that is one of the reasons they get mucked up. What a shame you couldn't get a PC that can do everything a PC does but has the reliablilty of say a TV or a video recorder. But then if such a thing did exist what would we do on this Forum?

  rawprawn 18:38 06 Apr 2006

You know all about it, nice to see you again.

  watchful 18:47 06 Apr 2006

as a matter of fact, whilst dropping in here and there I'm also typing an autobiography in Word!

  anskyber 18:53 06 Apr 2006

Yes there is a lot in what Devil Fish and others have said. It is a complete window on the world if you wish it to be with the opportunity to get instant access or message delivery. I recently moved house and I would say that the speed the PC gave me for communication saved perhaps 2-3 weeks of snail mail and unnecessary visits to Solicitors etc. Incidentally I may have even lost the house in that time.
But there is also the facination of the inherent instability of the whole thing which brings pleasure when it works , frustration when it does not and the satisfying feeling of fixing it (hopefully) when it misbehaves.
Odd though this may sound but I liken the current state of play with computers to the early days of the car (no I am not that old ) when intrepid types needed a good degree of skill to keep this new modern whize going. These days a modern car usually just works and I look forward to the day when PC's do as well!

  wolfie3000 23:11 06 Apr 2006

Tell you what keeps me on my pc for hours on end


Halo especialy i need a game fix at least once a day some may say that im sad for it but i do have other interests.

But i just love playing online games.

  rawprawn 08:42 07 Apr 2006

I am in entire agreement with your comments regarding the inherent instability, and also the analogy with old motor cars. Very apt!!

  spuds 09:34 07 Apr 2006

Its like a soldier going to war. The battles never won until you have conquered it. Bit like computers really, the challenge will always be there, even though (think) you have conquered it!.

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