Is what i'm doing illegal?

  mrwoowoo 19:40 26 Mar 2008

When myself or my sons buy a pc game,we often share them.
To save either of us having to wait for the other to stop playing,or chase around for the game disc, i crack the game.
Obviously this allows me to play the game when i want, without having the dvd in the drive.
With only one pc game being purchased ,is it legal to have it running on two pc's in the same household.
Perhaps it's even a grey area?

  peter99co 19:43 26 Mar 2008

Who pays for game development if you don't contribute?

  bluto1 19:48 26 Mar 2008

I'd begin by checking the terms and conditions attached to the purchase of the game. From my own perspective as you are using the game for yourself only (i.e. not selling it on) then I'd guess that it's OK.
Now watch me get blown out of the water.
I've very broad shoulders:-))

  bluto1 19:49 26 Mar 2008

Arthritic fingers!!!!

  bremner 19:50 26 Mar 2008

You really have answered the question yourself.

  Totally-braindead 19:50 26 Mar 2008

Its not a grey area I'm afraid its not allowed. It states quite clearly in the terms and conditions of the games what you are and are not allowed to do. It works obviously, I sometimes use one of these cracks to stop me having to search for the DVD or CD but you are not even meant to do that as you are altering the coding of the game and you don't own the right to do that as when you buy the game you are only buying the right to play it you have no rights over the game itself.

Its illegal.

  lofty29 19:56 26 Mar 2008

since you are having to "crack" the game I would say that you are infringing the copyright, which is illegal. Even if one only makes a copy of anything for private use it is still technically illegal in the UK. I have been blown up by members on this forum, as I thought that it was Ok to make a back-up. Whether anybody would do you for a single instance is another matter.

  MAT ALAN 19:58 26 Mar 2008

click here

A NO-CD fix which is what you are doing is not illegal...

  mrwoowoo 19:58 26 Mar 2008

You are correct.
Just looked up the terms and conditions,and as you say,youonly own the dvd and the right to play it,not alter it.
Still,at least i buy a copy,unlike some people.
A smack on the wrist for me then.))))O:!
Does seem silly to buy two copies of the same game though....oh well.

  MAT ALAN 20:05 26 Mar 2008

You have not physically altered or copied the the game, so the NO-CD fix is legal, it is a common practice used to protect your disc...

  mrwoowoo 20:06 26 Mar 2008

Can't help feeling that forum may be a bit bias.
I use cracks to play my games while the original stays in pristine condition.I realise that making a backup of your original software is technically not illegal,but as Totally-braindead says,you are actually altering the coding of the game.
Can't tick this as resolved,as i don't think it is just yet.

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