What have you seen regarding animals and birds.

  Ex plorer 08:50 04 Jun 2013

A few years ago I saw a cock pheasant stroll to wards a hen house, picking among the grain. A cockerel appeared and there was a stand off between the two for a few seconds then the cockerel flew at the pheasant and a fight took place before the pheasant ran off.

Brave Rabbit When fishing one day I saw a stoat chase a young rabbit and its mother chasing the stoat. The stoat made its kill as mother rabbit caught up and rolled the stoat over the stoat took off chased by the rabbit and the stoat disappeared into a near by wall. The mother rabbit went back to its young for a few minuets before leaving.

  spuds 12:18 04 Jun 2013

I suppose it all comes down to what part of the world you visit, as to any experiences that you can quote?.

Talking about death, I can recall a number of occasions in places like South America, SEA, Middle and Far East, when larger animals have been killed by a roadside or clearing, then seeing the amount of other animals that appear for a feast.

  fourm member 12:39 04 Jun 2013

When I'm out driving I sometimes see crows mixing it up with a buzzard. People don't always realise what ferocious predators crows are and they don't like buzzards moving onto their territory.

  morddwyd 18:14 04 Jun 2013

Buzzards are very reluctant to face down other birds and can frequently be seen being mobbed by very small birds.

It is fairly common, where both species are present, for birds as small as swallows to mob golden eagles.

  sunnystaines 09:00 05 Jun 2013

a few days ago saw a crow atack a magpie, later found the magpie dead, I had always thought the magpie was the bully of the bird world.

another thing I noticed this week if you get up at dawn and look in the garden the trees are full of about 3-4 times more birds than you see during the day and they are far more active jumping amogst the branchs of our plum and fig trees

  michaelw 09:40 05 Jun 2013

I was driving through a village in Africa and a dog was sliced in half by a vehicle but was still alive and crying out in distress. It was propped up by its torso as if it was sitting upright. I had nothing with me to put it out of its misery and felt awful.

  Quickbeam 09:54 05 Jun 2013

About 20 years ago, going down a decline on the M4 in a truck approaching the Avon bridge, a mother goose decided to walk it's chicks across the carriageway as a gaggle of traffic including myself bore down on them. I felt quite sorry as we all passed leaving a flurry of feathers spinning in the turbulence.

  wiz-king 10:00 05 Jun 2013

Found a fox cub this morning wandering about in the road with a large plastic jar on its head. Have obviously decided the jar had food in and it had put its head in up to its neck and got it stuck. The jar was nearly as big as the fox! Managed to get it off but the cub didn't even stop to say thank you.

  Graham* 21:41 05 Jun 2013

I have a pair of Bluetits nesting in my birdbox, first users in the 17 years since its installation. They are constantly feeding the chicks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:04 05 Jun 2013

Have seen next doors' cat chasing off a fox on many an occasion.

  Al94 22:52 05 Jun 2013

We have a very tame blackbird who carries on doing whatever he is doing often just a few feet from us. This week I was lying on a sun lounger, he hopped right up beside the bed on the grass, spread his wings and lay there for some time with his beak wide open. Quite comical.

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