What has happened to the respect in the UK

  charmingman 14:58 06 Aug 2008

This is a total lack of respect, clearly there idiots that need locking up

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  Cymro. 15:56 06 Aug 2008

By the sounds of it lack of respect is very much an understatement.
I wonder what they will be charged with if they are ever arrested? Mind you that should not be too difficult as they seem to be fairly regular users of that station.

  egapup 19:17 06 Aug 2008

Respect started to die when they stopped corporal punishment in schools.

  csqwared 19:33 06 Aug 2008

one of which, I will agree, is the restriction placed on schools in how they deal with children. I think the major contribution is the lack of discipline at home. These days some parents are so involved in meeing their own aspirations that they forget they have a duty and a responsibility to their children and the rest of society as a whole. This may in some ways be related to the report today regarding the old fashioned 'non-working mum'.

When a couple start out it seems little thought is given to how they are going to manage when a family comes along, as soon as baby is born Mum is back off to work (because of financial commitments usually) leaving the little one in the care of others who, because of the aforementioned restrictions, cannot discipline children as the parents might. If couples were prepared to think a little bit deeper and be prepared to make the sacrifices earlier generations did we may not have this problem.

By the way, I am not being sexist here, if it is more convenient and financially expedient for Dad to stay at home then so be it.

End of rant.

  Al94 19:38 06 Aug 2008

People who behave like that are no use to society and there are far too many of them about for the reasons outlined in the posts above. The miserable sods need to be taught a lesson that will really hurt and change their attitudes. A good flogging would be a deterrent (waits for the do gooders to disagree)

  gardener 19:54 06 Aug 2008


Absolutely agree, my wife is a teacher (supply now, she couldn't deal with all the ludicrous paperwork involved as a full-time teacher, she's now got most of her life back!) and some of the kids she has to deal with are obviously products of parents who couldn't give a damn and leave it to the teachers to sort out the messes that they have procreated.

I feel sorry for anyone who has to work in our social services system, be that police, firemen, teachers, nurses or anyone who has to endure these unfortunate retards.

  rickf 20:27 06 Aug 2008

They need serious locking up and the key thrown away.

  laurie53 20:32 06 Aug 2008

I can remember many years ago, after judicial corporal punishment was done away with in England and Wales, a couple of Glasgow tearaways (sorry Glasgow, that just happened to be where they were from!) were birched for anti social behaviour in one of the Channel Islands.

On their return to the mainland they swore that they would never go back to the CI. If punishments are meant to deter as well as punish this one seems to have worked.

I make no recommendations, just repeating a news story from a long time ago.

  MAJ 21:27 06 Aug 2008

See, you're not allowed to touch the little so and sos anymore, it appears the law is on their side no matter how anti-social their behaviour is. Politicians don't have the balls to deal properly with this sort of thing. And please don't anyone mention national service, that's a great idea, train them to be better at it than they already are.

  Bingalau 21:29 06 Aug 2008

laurie 53. Much more likely to have been the Isle of Man, which still used the birch for a good while after the rest of the UK had stopped using it. I can't understand why they neveer kept it going.

  Bapou 22:03 06 Aug 2008

Definitely the Isle of Man. Glasgow Fairs holiday became a nightmare for local residents in places like Whitley Bay. Not in the I.O.M though, a few birchings and they never went back.

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