What happned to the PCA Forum make over?

  User-361D919A-9369-49DD-BB21C57F113ABA43 17:43 31 Jul 2010

I am wondering what ever happened to the PCA Forum Makeover. I was eger for the new design, but now there is not mention of it. Has PCA dropped he idea or what?

  rawprawn 18:24 31 Jul 2010

As far as I know this is the new format which has been running for some months (Black edges rather than blue is one thing)
Unless I am missing something.

  sunnystaines 18:45 31 Jul 2010

if you talking about when we were asked to post suggestions, well yes i was wondering too as i put a few forward.

perhaps the fe might post here with a progress report, if they have a beta web running would be nice to give us view access till its ready so we can comment on good and not so good points.

  Forum Editor 19:01 31 Jul 2010

we're still working on various possibilities.

  morddwyd 19:30 31 Jul 2010

"Ahead if the full site redesign"

Quote from Simon Jary last Monday

click here

Is that not just for the Mobile Site.

  morddwyd 20:22 01 Aug 2010

I took "full site" to mean the whole PCA site.

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