What happens to posters?????

  gengiscant 09:03 08 Oct 2010

I have no doubt we have all had an experience where we have either offered help on a problem posted on PCAdvisor helprooms,or made a suggestion of where to look for help or buy a particular item needed to solve a problem,or ask for further details, only for the poster to seemingly never come back.

I have checked 'My Postings' to see that mine has been the only reply and that I have asked a question that has gone unanswered.

Is there some black hole that swallows these people up. I suppose that most will have got help elsewhere of managed to solve or find the solution themselves. Its just a pity that they cannot come back and post what they have done so as to help others who may have the same difficulty.
I know this topic has come up before but it seems to be getting more prevalent these days.

  babybell 09:16 08 Oct 2010

This has been discussed numerous times in the past. It's the nature of the beast I'm afraid. You've got a major PC problem, you get advice on here, it works, and suddenley your so excited about having your expensive PC working again that you set about doing all the things you haven't been able to do whilst its been broken, updates, check emails, etc etc.

You go to bed happy and just totally forget to thank the people that helped. I've been guilty of it in the past, I don't mean to be rude, you just forget sometimes.

  Quickbeam 09:43 08 Oct 2010

I make a point of formally closing a serious question post if it gets resolved with the help of a member. But of course speakers' corner is different...

  natdoor 11:58 08 Oct 2010

If you are that concerned, why not post another response in such cases asking if the problem is resolved and, if so, point out that it should be marked as such. Since the OP will receive an e-mail alert, this would overcome a circumstance such as babybell's lapse of memory and failure to comply would indicate a disregard of common courtesy. If you wished you could compile a list of such members so that you do not waste time and effort on their behalf in the future.

  babybell 12:09 08 Oct 2010

"compile a list of such members so that you do not waste time and effort on their behalf in the future"

Bit OTT isn't it?

Besides, compiling a list is probably more of time waste.

  gengiscant 12:57 08 Oct 2010

It is not so much the people who get lots of suggestions/help and solve their problem, oh, nowhere did I mention getting thanks.Nice if it happens not a problem if it does not.

Its the folk who post then do not come back to answer any questions in regards to their post.

Open any post that only has 1 reply,in many cases the reply is a request for more information,yet that request goes unanswered, That I find puzzling.

No big deal,but it crossed my mind.

  jakimo 13:11 08 Oct 2010

in Helproom I will always thank those that respond to my request for help in advance

in the case of suggesting a solution to a question it does help readers to know if that solution solved the problem.

  spuds 13:19 08 Oct 2010

As previously been stated, this subject as been aired on many occasions.

I suppose its a bit like pushing by someone in the queue and not apologizing with a 'me first' attitude.

When I first saw the title, I thought that it might have been about our 'lost friends'. Only yesterday I was looking at an old post that had been resurrected by a spammer, and most of the member's names have not been around for ages ;o((

  birdface 13:27 08 Oct 2010

I suppose on the odd occasion the information we give has an adverse affect on the computer causing it to crash.
And once they have had to reformat their computer they are to polite to leave an answer.
Normally the computer is in sutch a bad state it would have to be reformated anyway.
You don't hear from them for a few weeks you know something has gone wrong and your advice may have been the last straw.
I am not sure if PCA has a clause on the Site that they are not liable for any problems that may occur when using advice from others.
I have seen this notice on other forums but have not checked this one yet.

  michaelw 13:57 08 Oct 2010

...Is there some black hole that swallows these people up...

It's a wormhole, and they emerge on the other side of the Universe.

  Quickbeam 14:05 08 Oct 2010

Maybe all these dangerous dogs, moaning OAPs and X Factor contestants should be sent down this wormhole to join Princess Diana...

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