What is happening to society

  dan* 23:49 11 Aug 2007

A 17 month baby boy has died in hospital. He was admitted with a broken back, broken ribs and finger nails missing.

What on earth is going on? click here

This just is one of many absolutely horrific cases of child cruelty.

  Forum Editor 00:51 12 Aug 2007

The same kind of thing that's been going on for a very long time - people are being cruel to their children.

The first state intervention between parents and children happened in 1889, when the first act aimed to prevent cruelty to children was passed. Before that date hundreds of thousands of children were subjected to the most appalling cruelty - the situation was far worse than it is today. Since then there have been many amendments to the act, and many new acts, all with the same aim - to give the state greater powers to intervene in the relationship between parents and their children if things go wrong.

On average one child is killed by their parent or carer every week in England and Wales, and the children most likely to die a violent death are babies under 1 year old. They are four times more likely to be killed than the average person.

The psychology behind child killings would fill a dozen forum threads, it's so complex, and at times incomprehensible. It will come as no surprise however, to hear that many child abusers were themselves subjected to abuse and cruelty when they were children.

  DANZIG 01:42 12 Aug 2007

People who do this to kids need the same thing doing to them.

  Chegs ®™ 04:35 12 Aug 2007

Unfortunately,thats why many of these parents/carers do this.They were abused as children themselves.

  Pesala 05:54 12 Aug 2007

are the most likely to die a violent death.

In 2004, 185,400 abortions were carried out in the UK. Of those, 12% or 22,248 were carried out after 13 weeks.

Unfortunately, when people do this they are setting in motion the kamma that leads to violent and premature death in many future lives.

What has happened to society is that sex outside of marriage or a long-term stable relationship has become normal. Inevitably, when so many people are having sex for their own selfish enjoyment, without considering the likely consequences, then there are sure to be unwanted pregnancies and unwanted children.

A child that is unwanted is much more likely to be abused than one that was planned and wanted.

  Forum Editor 08:56 12 Aug 2007

is much more likely to be abused than one that was planned and wanted."

Do you have any statistical reference for that statement, or is it simply your opinion? Don't get me wrong, you may be correct, I just wondered if it's a fact. As for abortions, there were actually 194,179 legal abortions in the UK in 2004 according to government statistics.

The NSPCC, which ought to know, says that babies under 1 year old are four times more likely to die a violent death at the hands of parents or carers, and I wonder how many of those who are killed were the result of unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. It seems to me that violence towards children springs from many things, rather than just the fact that sex outside a marriage or 'stable relationship' has become normal. It's been normal for many decades now, and abortions have certainly increased since 1961, when figures were first collated, but it's a simplistic argument to say that violence towards children results from sex outside marriage.

Violence towards children has been with us for a very long time - long before sex outside marriage became so common, and I believe we have to look for other causal factors. In the past there were undoubtedly more unwanted pregnancies than now, because of the lack of modern contraceptive measures.

Whatever the causes, the effect is there for all to see, there are currently around 33,000 children on the child protection registers in the UK, and 79,000 being cared for by local authorities. It's a serious problem, but it's one that, according to expert reports could be largely eliminated, if child protection agencies had the necessary funding and other resources.

As for "so many people are having sex for their own selfish enjoyment", surely you aren't suggesting that people should only have sex in order to procreate? If you are, I'm astonished.

  4gig 09:47 12 Aug 2007

Yes the sex and marriage bit is quite revealing.

There is such a thing as a high sex drive in others.
Not everyone has Catholic views regarding sex and marriage.
And there is the old joke -
"How do you stop your girlfriend from making love to you?"
"Marry her!"

The author's views reminds me of Sherl Crow who recently suggested using "only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where two to three could be required"

One could conclude that maybe Sherl was unwittingly revealing that she suffers from constipation!

  mitsme 10:10 12 Aug 2007

Brutality is unfortunately part of the human condition & civilisation a thin veneer. But the horror which I feel when I read of yet another innocent being tortured, mauled or killed never leaves me.

I am human & I hope that I never succumb to the primal beast that is in all of us. I wonder where the, for want of a better phrase, short circuit in the brains of these beings is & If it can be truly fixed. I am not a believer that people are born 'evil, depraved'. These are learned behaviours, that have not been dealt with at a proper age.

I also feel the people have beocome inured to violence & mayhem, through many media. We see every day mans inhumanity to man, right in our living rooms. Children carrying automatic weapons almost as big as themselves. Horror upon horror. I fear there is much much worse to come.

  Forum Editor 10:34 12 Aug 2007

I'm sure your post made some kind of sense in your mind, but it's totally eluding me.

  Forum Editor 10:45 12 Aug 2007

Cruelty towards children has often been compared to children towards animals in terms of the motivating influences behind both behaviours. The NSPCC and the RSPCA have in fact formed very close links because of it.

What motivates an adult to deliberately harm a helpless child is beyond my understanding, but perhaps that's because I wasn't physically or mentally abused when I was a child. I'm convinced that child-harmers are very often people who themselves had a violent childhood, and as a result they never become fully developed in an emotional sense. They simply don't make the connection with their children in the same way that 'normal' loving parents do, and can't handle their own lives, let alone steer themselves through the emotional minefield that can come with parenthood.

  Brumas 12:52 12 Aug 2007

I have said it before and I shall say it again – any parent that deliberately tortures or ill-treats their child should be neutered so that they cannot do the same thing again should they have more children. Simplistic perhaps, but very effective!

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