What happened to the 'wish list'

  Quickbeam 08:12 31 Dec 2009

the FE compiled a while ago, are any of the suggestions going to ever go live...?

  simonjary 09:07 31 Dec 2009

We will be starting work on several new areas of site functionality and design in the new year.

Please feel free to keep adding to that wish list.
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Publisher, PC Advisor

  morddwyd 09:08 31 Dec 2009

"We will be starting work on several new areas of site functionality and design in the new year."

Oh God! Not a "new and improved version"!

  simonjary 10:52 31 Dec 2009

Would you prefer an older, worse version?

  Matt Egan 11:34 31 Dec 2009

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Matt Egan
Editor, PC Advisor

  Forum Editor 12:55 31 Dec 2009

will recall the days when hardly a week passed without someone complaining about how slow the site was, how it took ages to load every page, and how it seemed to go off-line for hours at a stretch quite regularly.

In common with some of you I've lived with our site for nine years, and in that time I've watched as it has improved beyond all recognition. Nothing is improved in a continuous, smooth curve - there are glitches and set-backs along the way - and this site has been no exception. We'll make it better yet, but no doubt there will be those who won't be happy, whatever changes we make. That's life, I'm afraid, there will never be a time when everyone thinks everything is just fine.

Take a look around, and see how many other computer help and advice sites have been running as long as ours, and as successfully as ours. From time to time it does no harm to blow your own trumpet, and New Years Eve is as good a time as any for me to mention the enormous amount of hard work that is put in by those of my colleagues who keep the site and the servers up and running, 24 hours a day, right through the year. It's far from being as easy as you might think, and those people seldom get any praise for it here. I would like to say a big thank you to the technical team that labours away behind the scenes.

  sunnystaines 12:58 31 Dec 2009

what improvements from the suggestions are you considering

  Brumas 13:02 31 Dec 2009

Aye, without the backroom boys we wouldn't get very far. Full credit to them for working silently in the background and long may they continue to do so!

  Quickbeam 13:22 31 Dec 2009

Thanks for those responses, I just wondered if anything was going to change.

  Quickbeam 13:33 31 Dec 2009

An interesting time warp link that one is, pre win 3.1 or post win 3.1?...:)

  lotvic 15:34 31 Dec 2009

""As chimes signal the end of 1998......""

so possibly W95

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