what happened?

  lisa02 22:03 08 Sep 2006

Ok so I got a project to do, pick a company and find out what the appeal is for it, look at their image. As there's a new marks and spencer being built in my area I chose it - it's opening in 2 weeks, nearly ready from the looks of it. It's a place I've never shopped in.

I asked a few questions - about the shop from a customers' view and I can't find the thread. I assume someone in charge has deleted it?

All because some posters got irritated even though I was polite. Is there discrimination against newer members, or ones that don't agree? as long term members can post about kettles, toasters and carpets and they all get help.

I ask politely and my thread gets wiped from existance?

  jakimo 22:10 08 Sep 2006

Email the FE,for an explanation

  anskyber 22:27 08 Sep 2006

I think you will find its none of that but simply the forum rules, have a look click here If your request is to be agreed you need to ask the FE if he is prepared to accept your thread which is outside the normal run of threads. There's no malace or picking on new members I assure you.

  Forum Editor 23:19 08 Sep 2006

at least it did, for a moment. We deleted a rogue post.

Back to the subject of your thread, Lisa.

The explanation for the deletion of your earlier thread is simple, is nothing whatever to do with discrimination, and was explained fully in the email I sent to the address you registered with us.

Unfortunately the email bounced, with the error message: "Invalid recipient". That normally means that there's no such address, so you see I was a bit stumped. If you email me I'll happily send the explanation again - I don't delete threads for no good reason.

  lisa02 23:33 08 Sep 2006

I forgot to change my email - done now.

Appologies for that.

  Forum Editor 23:49 08 Sep 2006

I've emailed you at the new address, with the explanation I sent earlier.

  lisa02 00:03 09 Sep 2006

I'll find another method, probably just rely on family and friends. I can assure it was for my personal use, just for me to learn about the company from the customers' POV.

I have to learn about customer service as part of this aswell. If you look at their site they seem to be the best of the best, which doesn't help me much at all. As the saying goes.... "there's three sides to a story - yours, theirs and the truth."

Thank you all for your time, especially the Forum Editor for clearly explaining it to me.


  Fellsider 21:51 15 Sep 2006


  lisa02 21:59 15 Sep 2006

Why are you bumping this? It's been resolved.

  €dstowe 22:05 15 Sep 2006

Not wishing to prolong this too much but I was one of the early replicants to the thread you refer to, lisa02.

At the time we didn't know you very well here and the way the question was posed seemed, to me at least, a direct marketing questionnaire. For all I (we) knew at the time - remember you were almost unknown then - it could have been a ploy to obtain marketing information on the cheap.

Perhaps if you asked the same questions now you are better known, you may get a different response. I'm not suggesting you do repeat the thread, though, the moment has passed.

  lisa02 22:10 15 Sep 2006

Hi €dstowe

Yes I understand that all now, FE emailed me explaining all this and I was happy to go on my merry way again. I appologised for "jumping the gun" and not reading the rules properly.

I have no need to ask the question again and I was particualrly surprised to see this bumped up the list again.

With regards M&S they turn over £7.5 billion a year and have spent £45 million on advertising this year. I don't think they would try this underhand method to go on the cheap, it's not like they're a short of a few quid from what I've been reading.


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