What hangs on to your feedrers?

  rawprawn 09:34 21 Apr 2008

I am of course talking about Bird Feeders, we have two kinds.
Type 1. For nuts and sunflower seeds mixed with no pegs to stand on.

Type 2, Fat Balls simply hung un branches with apiece of wire.

Type 1.
Great Tits
Blue Tits
Greater Spotted Woodpecker

Type 2
great Tits
Blue Tits
and this morning for the first time a Starling

I am surprised at the agility and persistance of some of these birds that are not really built for clinging onto feedres in mid air.

  anskyber 09:48 21 Apr 2008

I have found that some so called "ground feeding birds" will also feed from a type 1.

I have seen robins and chaffinches.

  anskyber 09:49 21 Apr 2008

Oops, posted too soon, also long tailed tits, coal tits and tree creepers.

  €dstowe 10:44 21 Apr 2008

Remember that at this time of year the birds should have easy access to insects, worms etc. to feed their young. You can get meal worms on eBay and maggots from a fishing tackle shop. You can also get dried insects for bird feeding on eBay.

Dry seeds are not suitable for young birds.

  rawprawn 11:05 21 Apr 2008

Thank you for your advice.

  rawprawn 12:19 21 Apr 2008

I forgot one of the most regular visitors.

1. Greenfinch

  numskull 12:26 21 Apr 2008

I heard that seeds and nuts at this time of the year can choke their young.

  anskyber 12:37 21 Apr 2008

Yes and here is the RSPB advice. click here The most important thing is to try and prevent large or full sized bits of nuts to be taken. Nuts in a suitable feeder is possible if feeding is to continue.

  bobbybluenose 12:42 21 Apr 2008

i make my own maggots old dustbin tucked away behind trees at the bottom of garden with old chicken in it which i get from butcher every week i throw a good hand full out every other day.
green finch
to many to list but i am lucky enough to live in the sticks with a third of an acre garden
and you know when you cook some bacon cut the rind off hang on a branch birds love it and on a wet knight get a torch slowly walk across your crass and collect worms this way put them on bird table you will be overwhelmed with what visitors you get

  Quickbeam 14:23 21 Apr 2008

Stale bread, cakes & old dripping go on the garage roof. No idea if they like it or not... but they eat it!

  Coffee Adict 14:31 21 Apr 2008

I've had trouble with starlings on my nuts this year, if you'll pardon the expression, they're such messy eaters though the robin sits on the ground underneath and picks everything up.

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