What goes up comes down!

  TOPCAT® 14:40 05 Dec 2006

or, seriously, how NOT to rob a liquor store. How this guy escaped injury amazed me. TC.

click here

  Apron 14:53 05 Dec 2006

That,s not funny.
O please, please tell me why I'm laughing.

  Bingalau 15:26 05 Dec 2006

That's made my afternoon, just like watching a Laurel and Hardy special. ..Bingalau..

  Vangeliska 15:44 05 Dec 2006

Just wondering who was operating the camera, I didn't know that they could automatically zoom in on faces. Sophisticated software?

  wee eddie 15:58 05 Dec 2006

One morning, many years ago, I received a telephone call from a friendly local CID man.

He said that he thought I ought to be told of this before it came down the grapevine. This was the story he told and it turned out to be true.

My shortly to be(ex)wife, whose then squeeze was a local ne'er-do-well, had been caught in the Bottle Store of a local Pub, asleep. Apparently they had broken in through the roof and been unable to get out with their booty, so had drunk themselves to sleep and waited for the Staff to open up in the morning.

p.s. I'm not looking for sympathy here. It was just part if life's rich tapestry!

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:53 05 Dec 2006

Sorry, have to disagree, that was hilarious.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:33 05 Dec 2006

Funniest thing I seen for awhile!

  Woolwell 19:25 05 Dec 2006

I think that this guy was an even bigger fool:
click here

  Confab 20:28 05 Dec 2006

See the thing is that it isn't a Laurel and Hardy special or someone who is laughing and joking around. It's some man who is obviously drugged/drunk up to the eyeballs trying to rob a store. He could easily have killed himself in the process and you’ll probably find that the reason he’s walking around is because he can’t feel the effect of his injuries, he will when he sobers up.


  bluto1 23:06 05 Dec 2006

I`m running XP Home SP2, so why do I get a white square with a little red cross in the top left hand corner? I like a laugh too.

  TOPCAT® 11:54 06 Dec 2006

How do you have your security settings set? In IE, go to Tools, Internet Options and look at the Security and Advanced options.

You also might need Java or Macromedia installed to view the video if right-clicking the X and selecting 'show picture' doesn't work. Not too sure on this problem myself. TC.

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