What firewall

  Legolas 11:29 25 Aug 2007

Was talking to an IT expert friend of a friend, and we got round to what security we had on our PCs.

We both had AVG free edition and the usual virus checkers but when I said I has Zone Alarm as my firewall he informed me that although Zone Alarm is OK he used comodo which in his opinion is much more robust than ZA so I have d/loaded it to give it a try here is the link if you want to give it a try oh and it is free. click here

  Taff™ 11:49 25 Aug 2007

I`ve just been trying Comodo for the last week and it seems fine although the alerts seem a bit strange at first. You can set the security levels manually but I must admit I haven`t messed about otherwise with the defaults. I managed to find a bug in Comodo, pop up on screen told me so! Sent the requested report file and it was bounced!

Don`t know why your IT guy reckons it`s more "Robust" though. Did he say why?

  RobCharles1981 12:00 25 Aug 2007

I use comodo its a good firewall sometimes it can be to asking all the time what I mean by that is every now and then it keeps asking for same program all the time to be permitted to the net!!

  Legolas 12:05 25 Aug 2007

No he didn't really say why he thought it was better and I didn't get round to enquiring further. I might see him tomorrow and I will ask him then. I certainly have had no trouble with ZA over the years but on his recommendation I will give comodo a try.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:27 25 Aug 2007

Never used a firewall in nearly 4 years with no problems and the computer is connected to the net most of the time. Use AVG free/ spyware terminator and every 'infection' that I see on other computers are user loaded.


  Legolas 12:33 25 Aug 2007

I agree that most infections are user loaded but why take the chance? Once the firewall has learned what to let through and what to block it is largely unobtrusive.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:42 25 Aug 2007

As I have written many times before I am not 'taking a chance' and I firmly believe that there is a huge amount of paranoia and half -truths spread about home computer security. I am also convinced that the climate where home users are bombarded with security programmes has led to the current problem with Trojans which cannot be stopped by firewalls but can be by common sense, infecting computers. People are led to believe that if hey have an 'arsenal' of security products they will be safe.

Get rid of the hype and all the 'security' forums bulling up keyloggers and the rest of so-called problems and teach a few basics which will be of more use. It is not rocket science and is easier than flooding your computer with 7 or 8 'anti-malware' (roll of drums) programmes.


  Forum Editor 12:55 25 Aug 2007

which is enabled by default, and I've been trying Windows Live Onecare for several months. They are the only protection that stands between me and the barbarian hordes at the gate, and so far I haven't had a single problem of any description.

The vast majority of the problems I see on home computers are - as GANDALF <|:-)> says, initiated by the computer users.

What's needed in the world of home computing is not more firewalls and anti-virus applications, but more education - how can a new computer user know the first thing about security if nobody tells him/her?

  DrScott 14:56 25 Aug 2007

I use is that provided by the router. Trojans and their ilk are weeded out by antivirus software - free software at that too. Frankly I don't want to stall my computer with security bloatware...

  mrwoowoo 16:34 25 Aug 2007

It's my understanding that intruders would normally start with a port scan to reveal vulnerable PCs which have open ports due to no firewall installed. Then the intruder would
use a known vulnerability that had not been patched yet to install a rootkit to keep access.
Although this practice is less common now due to the boom in firewall use,it still prevails.
I have had 2 port scans this year (both from asia)that were blocked by my firewall and obviously deemed very high risk.
With no fire wall they would have complete access to my pc.
I agree though that mainly it is viruses and spyware that are the prefered choice now days and these and the installed root kits should show up with your anti virus software but perhas not until you scan your pc.
So it's fire wall for me,just to be safe,and kerio or comodo takes up very little system resources anyway,so why take a chance.
Surely it's just inviting trouble not to.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:55 25 Aug 2007

Your ports are being scanned all the time, that is why they are ports.


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