What features would you like to see in Windows 8?

  PC Advisor 13:57 19 May 2011

We still don't really know what to expect from Microsoft's next OS - an Intel executive made some predictions about Windows 8 this week, but Microsoft hit back by calling her comments "factually inaccurate and unfortunately misleading".

But if you could add whatever features you liked to Windows 8, what would you choose? Have your say in our latest poll - and if your favourite feature isn't listed, let us know in this thread.

  sunnystaines 14:01 19 May 2011

a decent reg cleaner utility

improved defrag to optimise regular used files

option to colour folders

  Flak999 14:03 19 May 2011

Don't see the new poll, it's still showing the Sony one on my machine (using chrome)

  Flak999 14:04 19 May 2011

OK got it now! Seems I was to quick.

  johndrew 14:27 19 May 2011

I would vote for a reliable stable system, however all I get when I try to vote is:

"Site Error

It appears the site had some difficulty proccessing your request and has errored internally.

An email has automatically been sent to technical support."

I will make no comment about the reliability and stability of the PCA site!!

  I am Spartacus 14:35 19 May 2011

WinFS, sadly now many years overdue and was originally promised for Vista.

Wiki entry for WinFS

  Condom 15:20 19 May 2011

Well I am not wanting to be too ambitious for MS. Perhaps one or two very basic things like being able to save file names with : ? etc being allowed. I could never figure out why you have not been allowed to do this since the earlist days of MS. Perhaps there is a very good reason but I cannot think of it.

  David Price 15:32 19 May 2011

johndrew - should be ok now. We're having a bit of trouble with our snazzy new polls, which take a little while to sort themselves out after being updated.

  Woolwell 15:40 19 May 2011

Better driver support for legacy hardware eg scanners. It seems that too often people have to find work rounds.

  bremner 16:15 19 May 2011

It is quite a few years since Apple put Time Machine in OS X, I would like to see a similar back up available in all versions of W8

  sunnystaines 16:31 19 May 2011

can now access poll, could not when first read the post as i could not see options.

voted faster more reliable os

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