What ever happened to?

  rawprawn 08:16 13 Oct 2008

You can fill in your own question, but here are three of mine.

The first girl I fell in love with.

My Army National Service colleagues, with whom I was joined at the hip for nigh on 2 years.

Courtesy and Respect.

  carver 08:33 13 Oct 2008

I'm sorry but the first two I have no idea of their were-abouts but the last one "Courtesy and Respect" has been consigned to history.

Courtesy has been replaced under directive of the PC brigade as a sign of male arrogance to-wards the non male species of our society.

The second part " Respect" is only given by a few senior members of society to other like minded people.

One thing, the first girl I fell in love with I also still think about her (lifes funny).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:59 13 Oct 2008

and Manners

perhaps its beause we stopped teaching such things in schools?

  spuds 11:17 13 Oct 2008

Life would be a funny old place, if it wasn't a challenge of the unknown now and again.

Only the other day, I was thinking of my previous travelling experiences, and of the people that I had met,and those I mainly called as friends, and whether they are still around. I think Charley Boorman as something to do with that!.

Ethics, moral and manners, seem a thing of the past. Even vacating a seat on a bus for an old person, now seems to bring agitation.

Perhaps looking with it in a cynical viewpoint, according to statistics I haven't got all them many years ahead of me, so I just carry on with life's burdens :O)

  Seth Haniel 11:24 13 Oct 2008

1) 'Skippy' ;)

2) 'Good, Evening Television programs'

3) 'The Weather'

  rawprawn 11:45 13 Oct 2008

Mucky dripping sandwiches, with lots of salt and pepper.
Seth Haniel
I have never actually eaten Skippy ;)

  ventanas 11:56 13 Oct 2008

"The first girl I fell in love with"

Wasn't that Jo?

  rawprawn 12:05 13 Oct 2008

Come on John,that would be telling!

  JanetO 12:26 13 Oct 2008

Jubbley, the triangle ice lolly.


Respect for elders.

  Picklefactory 13:03 13 Oct 2008

You can still get 'jubbleys', I bought some not long ago in my local Tesco. They seem much smaller than I remember from childhood, but that could just be a scale thing.

  Covergirl 13:09 13 Oct 2008

1. Alive and well and living in Thailand under the name of Peter Douglas.

2. All received successful separations by well respected conjoined separation specialist.

3. I blame the parents


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