What do you think of PC names

  simonjary 12:19 12 Jul 2007

Vostro? Solar? Notino?

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Dell has launched a new business range of PCs, called Vostro.

It's like car names designed to suit pan-European and worldwide markets.

What would you name a new range of PCs?

  madgamer234 12:28 12 Jul 2007

techno,electro,saydo and the dodo range for vista.

  Quickbeam 12:29 12 Jul 2007

it was going to be about 'politically correct'... in which case the answer is RUBBISH;)

What would I call a range of new computers?... 'New computers'.

  anskyber 13:18 12 Jul 2007

""Customers really hated trialware," said Michael Dell, the company's CEO. "It was the most frustrating thing for customers in setting up a new computer," he added."

He's telling me!

Frankly I could not care one jot what they are called so long as they work and not preloaded with garbage; sorry helpful chances to use programs. I have a Dell which I like very much but the first few hours proved to be a fight against things I did not want and which insisted I should have being good for me.

  interzone55 13:34 12 Jul 2007

Use this to remove "trial ware"

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As for PC names, try the ones Sony uses like VGX-XL202 or VGC-LA2 lovely friendly names those...

  Totally-braindead 16:04 12 Jul 2007

Names I would pick would depend on the spec and more particularly the make.
How about "The cannot be upgraded without spending a fortune on a new case and power supply PC" or
"If it works it'll work forever but if it fails you'll only have the use of it for 3 months of the year while its away getting repeatadly fixed"

Suppose they are a bit long winded eh?

  Si_L 17:37 12 Jul 2007

Sorry but those names in the first post are terrible. Kids have the best imaginations, ask a kid, they will give you better names

  Stuartli 17:40 12 Jul 2007

I'm more interested in the manufacturer and specifications than any fancy names.

  crosstrainer 18:09 12 Jul 2007

To name mine (all self-build 'cept the laptop) after the main board manufacturer and cpu: eg: ECS AMDFX Exciting eh...better ask a kid :)

  Pine Man 18:18 12 Jul 2007

Mine has different names depending on whether or not it is working properly.

Sometimes I have to shout it's name really loudly to get it to work and sometimes swearing helps;-)

  pj123 18:23 12 Jul 2007

Mine is called "a computer". Actually, that's not true. I have four computers and they are called, PC1, PC2, PC3 and PC4.

Other than that, who cares?

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