What do you make of the new London bus?

  Cymro. 12:28 02 Apr 2011

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They hope to have them in use all over the country eventually. But then do many of you ever use a bus to go anywhere?

Personally I used to get about a lot on them at one time, but then buses in rural places such as where I live are very different from what they are in London.

  Forum Editor 13:10 02 Apr 2011

and anything that reduces fuel consumption and pollution - both atmospheric and noise - will get a welcome from Londoners.

Thank goodness someone has realised that the 'jump-on/jump-off' concept really was ideal for a busy city bus, and reintroduced it.

  timsmith259 13:34 02 Apr 2011

I miss the old route-masters...

  WhiteTruckMan 13:49 02 Apr 2011

Me too! Far more often than I hit them, as a matter of fact :)


  wee eddie 14:03 02 Apr 2011

were even more fun.

  SparkyJack 16:24 02 Apr 2011

I was puzzled as to where the enging/transmission was to go.
With entrances front and rear I assumed it must be a flat boxer under floor unit.
Where do you think it is?

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  Forum Editor 16:33 02 Apr 2011

The bus will be an electric hybrid. It explains all that in the link Cymro gave us in the opening post.

  octal 21:23 02 Apr 2011

I hope they are going to be comfortable than the bendy bus. That one is the most uncomfortable ride you can imagine, you feel every pot hole, I quite often miss getting on a bendy bus and catch the one behind it if I can. Luckily there are a number of other buses that will take me to work in Ealing rather than the 207.

  Uboat 22:21 02 Apr 2011

In Hull in the 90's they re-introduced the Routemaster's (The old one's from the 50's) with the 'jump-on/jump-off' back end! then the Hull city council stopped all them due to the H&S issue...now its normal buses...

I wonder "IF" the Hull City Council was right & it should it reflect down in London OR are the London council Correct.?..either way one of them is totally wrong..

  Forum Editor 23:27 02 Apr 2011

For decades Londoners jumped on and off buses at the back, and although there were some accidents they were rare, relative to the number of people using buses.

  Uboat 00:09 03 Apr 2011

Peter i fully agree! for many reasons...

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