what to do when your fridge sends spam

  carver 10:00 19 Jan 2014

Just seen this fridge spam and couldn't help but have a little chuckle thinking about explaining to the police that it's your fridge watching porn movies.

But seriously you see all the adverts for controlling your home from a remote location but who thinks about the security involved or needed while doing this.

We have seen how easy it is to get into peoples phones so logic says the next thing is getting into smart appliances inside the home.

I have 2 smart TV's that are both wi-fi enabled and honestly have not got the first idea how easy or difficult it is to hack into them, they are both connected to the net and I did think my router protected them.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:04 19 Jan 2014

"what to do when your fridge sends spam"

Threaten to leave a rotting, dead fish in the bottom and make it stink. They don't like that.

  Quickbeam 12:25 19 Jan 2014

I've warned my kettle that it'll be in hot water if starts spamming.

  Quickbeam 12:40 19 Jan 2014

...and the toaster to be extra vigilant for anything unusual popping up.

  mole1944 13:13 19 Jan 2014

my bread maker just got spam and i now find it has a bun in the oven, i blame the flour mill.

  wiz-king 16:56 19 Jan 2014

This is one of the reasons that smart metering has been delayed. In the original design the houses power setting could be altered by remote control by wireless. This was found to be vulnerable and a re-design needed.

  BT 17:33 19 Jan 2014

The only Spam in my fridge is in a tin.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:39 19 Jan 2014

"what to do when your fridge sends spam"

add a little brown sauce and a couple of slices of bread :0)

What happens when ransom ware takes over your TV and won't let you watch "corrie" with out paying up?

Oh its already happened its called the TV license :0)

  carver 17:55 19 Jan 2014

You lot can't take any thing seriously, what if your toaster decides it's browned off with life and does this enter link description here or your washing mc starts lying to you and will not come clean with the truth.

  lotvic 17:56 19 Jan 2014

As a precaution you could route the connection through the Washer.

  Quickbeam 18:34 19 Jan 2014

I've just got back and found that the spoons have gotten all in a stir.

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