What do we do about people like this?

  Forum Editor 18:18 30 Aug 2006

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Do you think that the punishments handed out by our courts in cases like this are sufficient, or should we toughen up on people who assault/interfere with Police, ambulance and fire crews, rail and bus staff, in the execution of their duty?

I was reading an article about ambulance crews recently, apparently it's common for some motorists to deliberately block ambulances when they're running to an incident with lights and sirens. The same thing happens to fire crews, and in some parts of the country they are regularly pelted with stones and other missiles when they're at the scene of a fire.

Wha kind of person deliberately rides a motor-bike over a female police officer when she's involved in stopping a fight?

  g0nvs 18:26 30 Aug 2006

All public workers are subjected to insults, assaults, you name it I've seen it. (Bus Driver for twelve years). The courts need & should impose the severest penalty's they can. If anyone doubts the loutish behaviour of some people they should visit their local casualty department any weekend to see for themselves.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:29 30 Aug 2006

I work in an abattoir where hundreds of cattle are hung, drawn and quartered every day......

  Forum Editor 18:35 30 Aug 2006

And your point would be?

  SANTOS7 18:40 30 Aug 2006

Public humiliation, beaten, shot, stabbed, strangled, keel hauled,hung drawn and quartered, boiled in oil, and then KILL him!!!!

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:41 30 Aug 2006

Perhaps not an appropriate response to your thread but, they wouldn't do it again.

  Forum Editor 18:44 30 Aug 2006

Perhaps a tad over the top, don't you think?

I was rather hoping for some constructive suggestions.

  esbe 18:49 30 Aug 2006

---- My answer would get me banned from this site!

I personally think that it's about time the laws were changed to more severe penalties ie; to make these people think twice about even committng a crime in the first place - 'nip it in the bud'.

I personally know fire fighters who turn up for a shout, and as you say, the abuse etc they get is unbelievable - what the hell is going on in this country?

There seems to be plenty of laws, but no justice.

Rant over.

  SANTOS7 18:50 30 Aug 2006

I really do not know what is punishment enough for people like this, i have experienced similar first hand.
used to work as a nightclub doorman back in the early 80s, fight broke out, persons restrained and ejected, injured party put into back of ambulance one of main instigators then from nowhere attacks ambulance personnel to get another go at injured person in back.
What drives people to do this is well beyond me and i do think that sentencing for this type of crime and similar is too soft..

  €dstowe 18:57 30 Aug 2006

It shouldn't make any difference that the victim here was a police officer - it was a heinous act to inflict on anyone.

I've worked in A & E departments and some of the foul acts committed against other people are almost against any comprehension whatever. Some of the worst things I've seen - and seen on more than one occasion - are frenzied attacks on women's, let's say, "sensitive areas" with a broken bottle. When this is done by more than one person at the same time, you wouldn't be able to imagine the horror that this can bring. A & E staff are hardened to gruesome sights but these events can cause tears in the eyes of the toughest amongst us.


What can be done? Well a few Friday and Saturday nights in an A & E department might have some effect, provided the person wasn't under the influence of any mind bending substances (including alcohol). Other than that, a tougher regime and incarceration for a considerable period.

  S5W 19:01 30 Aug 2006

I am a believer in an eye for an eye. The man who ran down the WPC should be deliberately run over by a bus,I would be content to drive it; if he survived he would not repeat his deed. And it might deter similar actions by like minded individuals.

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