What to do with old norton disks

  Jake_027 23:21 31 Aug 2007

Having a tidy up has uncovered a disk for Norton ghost 9 (without a lisence key) and norton goback 4 (which i don't think needs a key), neither of which i use. Is there anywhere worth putting these up eg classifields or donating to someone or an organisation. It seems a waste to bin them, but i don't have anywhere else for them to go, and they're not selling very well on ebay either.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

  SANTOS7 23:56 31 Aug 2007

and they're not selling very well on ebay either.

Couple of coasters for your computer table then...

  ton 02:35 01 Sep 2007

Best not to inflict Norton on anyone!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 06:51 01 Sep 2007

Bin them.


  Cymro. 11:29 01 Sep 2007

Give them to a HGV driver as some of them place them at the front of their lories in the belief that they will deflect radar signals from speed cameras.

  €dstowe 11:44 01 Sep 2007

Double action bird scarers - if they're not scared by the disk itself they should be scared by the Norton that's on them.

  dukeboxhero 16:43 01 Sep 2007

you could try this click here but i would bin them

  amonra 17:23 01 Sep 2007


I like it !!!!!!!!!!!!

  Legolas 20:06 01 Sep 2007

I think Norton apps come under the heading of 'Bloatware'

  Jake_027 21:05 02 Sep 2007

Binned them. Thanks for the somewhat interesting suggestions! :o)

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