what to do if caught in the smog

  sunnystaines 16:37 23 Apr 2011

I thought the smog was just for central london, no visible smog here, but today i have burning lungs as if i had breathed in hot ash, and my chest feels as if some one standing on it. was ok yesterday. had mild asthma since may last year, in a bit of a state sat next to a air cleansing fan any tips please the blue asthma inhaler have never worked with me.

  wee eddie 16:41 23 Apr 2011

Damp cloth across the bits that you breathe through

  sunnystaines 16:46 23 Apr 2011

wee eddie

thanks i will give that a go till it settles, dr's not open till tuesday, then another week for an appoint.

  wiz-king 16:58 23 Apr 2011

Short term, spray some water about if you have a houseplant sprayer. Long term get a humidifier, I have an ultrasonic water ornament that generates a fine mist of water to keep the atmosphere humid here or here I have a previous but similar to the second linked Maplin unit.

  onthelimit1 16:58 23 Apr 2011

Are there no walk-in clinics near you? Even here in deepest Shropshire, when my grandson had a problem, we went to the clinic and were seen and treated with 10 mins. Even the local GP surgery will see us on the same day during the normal working week.

  octal 17:43 23 Apr 2011

The trouble is the sort of smog we get these days are not like the old pea soupers we used to get back in the 1950's as a result of all the coal burning fires that were in use. Today's smog is largely unseen, but it is just as deadly, having said that when I took the dog for a walk you could see a yellow haze when you look up at the sky towards the horizon.

One of the best places to see it is when you are travelling north on the M25 as you go past the Orpington junction you can see across the centre of London and you can see the smog on an otherwise clear summers day.

  morddwyd 19:25 23 Apr 2011

"what to do if caught in the smog"

Move to Scotland, lad.

It's a purely English phenomenon!

  wee eddie 01:24 24 Apr 2011

Morddwyd ~ I can remember a "Smog" in Dalry (Ayrshire) in about '66.

Admittedly it is a small town in a dip in the hills and the whole smog was less than a couple of miles across.

  wee eddie 01:28 24 Apr 2011

I can also, vaguely, remember a "Pea Souper", in London, some-time in the Fifties as we had to drive across it and eventually gave up. I was only about 6 to 8 at the time, so much of the memory may be apocryphal.

  morddwyd 07:05 24 Apr 2011

wee eddie

Smog was not uncommon in major cities in Scotland before the Clean Air Act - not for nothing is Edinburgh called "Auld Reekie".

However, the current warning is only for England & Wales.

  wee eddie 07:51 24 Apr 2011

The Photo-chemical smog, that they are currently talking about, can be present in any area that has a high Traffic Density and little, or no wind, for several days. This situation can be exacerbated by hot, dry, conditions.

I live in Scotland and love our countryside dearly but, in the paragraph above, I have mentioned 3 weather conditions that are not regular phenomenon North of the Boarder.

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