hijo 22:34 30 Dec 2006

Any suggesstions as to what could make this forum a better place to Hibernate...?
better servers-sometimes cant access site
better format-bland colours
more privacy/less privacy..pending on yourself...
"FE" will say to me "you dont like it shove off.!
but this is just a chance for others to voice there oppinions..nothing personal..
we are waiting by our phones to take your call...

  Forum Editor 23:20 30 Dec 2006

"you dont like it shove off.!

But he might say that he and the magazine editor are going to have a series of meetings in the new year to discuss future plans for the forum.

Seeing as you've posted this shiny new thread I might as well hijack it and invite everybody to tell us what they would like to see here in 2007 by way of additions and/or changes. Try to keep your feet on the ground, we only have £1.37p to spend, and please don't ask for avatars, system configurations or signatures on your posts - I would rather stick pins in my eyes.

  anskyber 23:33 30 Dec 2006

A "search forum" which works like Google does.

  hijo 23:38 30 Dec 2006

omg iam Absolutely in stitches here..loooooooool ur full on responces is amazing,i got a dog poo load of admiration for you..!!!..
err lets keep it clean shall we..all the best PETER....

  Forum Editor 23:40 30 Dec 2006

Settle down please, don't get so excited. I think I can live without a "dog poo load of admiration" thanks.

  sean-278262 23:45 30 Dec 2006

A new look. This design has been around in pretty much as we see now as since I joined the ranks absolutely ages ago.

I think more user interaction rather than posting at random is probably needed.

The forum sections while I see the logic in the choices they are a bit vague.

Posts filling the page instead of these annoying boarders on the side.

Being able to edit the typos in my posts!!!

More details on the posts as to who posted last. I read 100s of threads some days and cant remember if I was user 244 to reply to the post or not.

New posts option. Most other forums have an option where you can see all the new posts that have arrived in the last 24hours or similar systems such as the last 20 replied to. Something like that would make me stay here even longer answering where I can. I cant stand checking each of the forum sections to see if I can lend a hand. So stick most of the time to the helproom.

Maybe some improved system of moderation as you yourself know that I regularly post to yourself on idiots annoying the place late at night.

Maybe longer and more respected and trusted members being given the ability to put threads into "holding" with an email to the poster saying it is awaiting moderation as it has been flagged as breaking the rules. Obviously that is merely a suggestion but it does become annoying when FE is away and cannot be around and all hell breaks loose in the spam department. One person on any other forum checking in from time to time is usually ok but with so many here it is more of a 24/7 job.

Looking back to a few months ago and the less than savory links being posted would certainly make me want to avoid the place as a new user. Personally I find that a well run site says a lot for itself than one with nusance posts such as those I refer to.

My 2cents. Any changes will be welcome by me and PCA will always get my support. Love the place and the magazine cant get me out of here these days.

  ajm 23:48 30 Dec 2006

A few suggestions:

1) Sub headed threads under exisiting ones. For instance in the Helproom, we could have sub-headers for Hardware and Software. Each of these could have their own sub-headers. For instance in Software there could be sub-headers for Windows OS, Office , Linux, MAC OS X and other software related sub-headers. This would be easier for people to post in a specific forum and also may help users find answers in these specific area

2) A facility where someone could find all post by a specific user. This could be very useful in those instances where someone could have spotted a useful thread and could recall it by the person who posted it.

to raise more than £1.37p, the forum could possibly have certain specialed areas for members who pay a reasonable yearly subscription. or have a "DONATE GEREROUSLY" button

  ajm 23:52 30 Dec 2006

oh and

3) Spell Checker

4) Feature to allow post to be edited/ammended by the user

  Forum Editor 00:04 31 Dec 2006

We had a complete site redesign in 2005, so I'm not sure what you mean when you say it has been " pretty much as we see now as since I joined the ranks absolutely ages ago." It looks totally different to the site you saw when you joined us in 2002. We're not planning a new look.

What do you mean by 'more user interaction'?

You see the logic in the forum sections, but think they're a 'bit vague' - what does that mean?

"some improved system of moderation" - such as what? There's no way that a forum can ever be monitored 24/7, and in fact ours is moderated far more consistently than most others. there will always be 'idiots annoying the place late at night' it's an inevitable aspect of running a web forum.

We've no plans for 'respected and trusted members' to have the power to put threads into any kind of hlding area - that would spell trouble right from the start. The whole essence of a forum like this is its sense of immediacy. Our system is called 'post moderation', and it's the best; posts are moderated after they're online. A pre-moderation system is clunky and leads to all kinds of problems.

We have an enviable reputation for being a well-run forum, we're not perfect by any means, but we're better than most. If you doubt that, I suggest you spend some time trawling around a few other forums - you'll soon see what I mean.

  Kate B 00:15 31 Dec 2006

Just a few straightforward tweaks, please: the ability to jump straight to the last unread post in a thread and the ability to be able to edit a post for, say, half an hour after posting to edit out daftnesses (like the fact that I used the same phrase twice in a post earlier this evening, and I forgot to post a link - obviously old age catching up with me). I'd also like to see who made the last post on a thread. Finally, perhaps a private message system that doesn't go via email: you might want to reply to a kind message sent via the yellow envelope but it does reveal an email address when you do so.

No sigs, no avatars. Thank you.

  wee eddie 00:16 31 Dec 2006

Please, no Sub-headings, I hate them.

I like the way the postings/text is displayed. Please don't indulge in "Change for Changes sake" or to keep the R&D Department out of mischief for a while!

I must admit the Search function, although logical, is weak.

How about a 20 minute "Edit" window. I know a permanent Edit feature is not a good idea as I have seen postings to a thread altered, to reflect a different view, several days after the original posting.

ajm - There is a Spell-Checker. Download "ieSpell"

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