What Comet !!!!!!

  Sethhaniel 15:50 28 Nov 2006

Riddle of UFO 'invasion'

A UFO scare was sparked after the police were flooded with calls about a fleet of 'spaceships' invading the coast of Britain.

Thousands of people spotted the bright orange orbs off the Channel coast at Brighton.

Police and air traffic control centres were inundated by reports of the strange spectacle, the Daily Express reported.

Shocked witness James Gordon-Johnson said: "I hadn't been drinking. I was sceptical about UFOs before but this has changed my mind.

"I saw this big orange light in the sky. Then another one appeared in mid-air. Then another. And another."

Experts are baffled by the phenomenon, but believe it could be linked to a meteor shower.

The Hermstmonceux Observatory in East Sussex said a cloud of comet dust had produced a meteor shower which peaked with a display of shooting stars.

And an earlier Ministry of Defence study into UFOs concluded that many sightings could be "glowing clouds of gas created by electricity charges."

  Vangeliska 16:05 28 Nov 2006

I reckon it's all a ploy to sell more HD tellies for Christmas.

  iambeavis 16:21 28 Nov 2006

People never want to believe the logical explanations, given for such phenomena, they prefer to be irrational and believe the improbable.

  The Brigadier 16:23 28 Nov 2006

So the Doctor was right Davros is returning to earth!

  Sethhaniel 16:24 28 Nov 2006

Although certain parts of the world are favoured for intense activity this year, i encourage people everywhere to watch the sky on Nov. 19th. The Leonids might surprise us... Predicted outbursts might fizzle, and activity could surge at unexpected times.
The best chance for UK observers to see something will probably be near dawn on November 18-19. Around 23h UT, on November 19, soon after radiant-rise, meteors may be spotted, but with difficulty, as observed activity will be much lower than the ZHR while the radiant is so low. The calculated peak time of the outburst is 04:45 UT, which will occur over Egypt. It will probably not last very long (i.e. meteor activity will rise and fall quite sharply.

  crosstrainer 16:49 28 Nov 2006

Just another overspend on xmas decorations by Brighton council!

  spuds 17:22 28 Nov 2006

crosstrainer-- Not like the council who removed all the Christmas lights for health and safety reasons, and still went ahead later with the Christmas lights opening ceremony (Yesterday's media).

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:41 28 Nov 2006

I think your last post has missed the boat, check the dates!!

  Forum Editor 18:46 28 Nov 2006
  Sethhaniel 08:52 29 Nov 2006

Sorry that should have had quotes around it - it was to reference that what most people will automatically pass the lights off as - when actually they had been a dissapointment - so astronomers and trained observers didn't see anything spectacular -

so that can not be used to explain away the orange lights ;)

  Wilham 17:22 30 Nov 2006

A local man has owned up to unintentionaly starting an 'aliens in the sky' scare when he released Chinese sky lanterns he bought from a website.... Report in Lincolnshire Free Press, p6 14.11.2006, and it mentions similar stories have occured elsewhere in the country.

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