What comes around goes around?

  Diemmess 18:09 07 Dec 2004

{News link in this site about germanium being used to treble the current handling capacity of transistors] (IBM research)or reduce the power needs for a given purpose.

I have a 41 year old battery radio in my bathroom.

The circuit board is huge with discrete germanium transistors, sausage sized resistors and capacitors. Long ago the epicyclic tuning dial suffered from perished rubber and is secured with BluTack. The oscillator transistor has been replaced and the battery is a stack of rechargeable AA cells.

In the intervening years the silicon transistor took over and I (at least) thought germanium old hat! Yes they were less wasteful with battery power than their successors. And now a hybrid seems to be in the offing.

What next?

  Dorsai 18:21 07 Dec 2004

At my Dad's i have a drop deck LP player. It also uses valves. No idea if geranium, or any other flower used in their construction, but it still works, and sounds rather good. The only reason i did not take it with me when i moved out is that it is so damm BIG. Being a LP player, the going around bit is taken for granted.

  VoG II 18:31 07 Dec 2004

Um, not geranium but click here LOL!

  Valvegrid 18:50 07 Dec 2004

Good grief! OC71 and OC44 transistors, my diet of electronics of the 1960's. OK up to 4MHz, if you wanted to go higher in frequency it was a valve! To say nothing of popping the germanium transistor easily.

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