What careers advice were you given?

  The Brigadier 15:31 08 May 2007

The school careers advisor used to suggest the armed forces or farming.(He was an ex-army major who ran a farm!)
I went for the Army & am now a farmer!!

  DrScott 15:33 08 May 2007

I had to fill in this silly computer form, which seeing as I already knew that I wanted to do medicine, suggested medicine as my first choice career. Though being politically correct, the computer recommended medically allied professions including paramedic, physio etc.

Oasis was the name of the system I think?

  lisa02 15:35 08 May 2007

My careers classes where for messing about.

The teacher who doubled as the 'careers and development advisor' at my school had a drink problem and always disappeared. Meaning me and my well behaved class didn't do much :))

  Kate B 15:40 08 May 2007

I got an excellent steer in the sixth form towards the degree course I ended up doing, which in turn led me into journalism.

  MrNerdy 15:50 08 May 2007

I was down to go to BRNC Dartmouth & fly in the Navy except i faild my O' Levels in a BIG way!
Ended up going to Agricultural College & doing Land & Countryside Management, best thing i ever did!!

  spuds 17:39 08 May 2007

very little. In my time and day, it was a visit to about four local big establishments, who manufacturing base was Knitwear, Boot& Shoe, Engineering and Mining. People had followed tradition before, and were expected to follow the same tradition after!.

  Forum Editor 17:50 08 May 2007

to go into the Foreign Office, or to university. I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do, but my father said it would be nice to have a degree in the family, so I chose university, and was glad of it - still am.

It developed my love of the English language, and brought me into contact with lots of beer and women - what more could a young man want?

  Woolwell 17:50 08 May 2007

Careers advice at school - nil.

Best career advice I was ever given was "if you carry on doing this you will kill yourself". I stopped doing it.

I was seriously worried by the lack of career advice given to one of my sons by his university. The advice on getting a job after university and which job seemed to be non-existent.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:55 08 May 2007

Careers advice at school - stay on a do A levels

The careers master was very upset when I told him I already had two apprenticeships lined up and could get paid while doing a degree course.

  laurie53 20:37 08 May 2007

"You'll never amount to much" is the total careers advice I was given!

This, of course, was in the "good old days"


  Koochy 20:51 08 May 2007

I was advised i was going to be a dole waller or jail bird according to my careers advisor so she told me not to bother going back for my second appointment.
Funny that as i have never been on the dole or even seen a prison, so i don't think that all advice given at skool is as gud as made oot to be. I now make a reasonably good income that is enough to live a comfortable life.


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