What car does........

  Koochy 19:58 03 May 2007

Hello all i have been asked by a friend what the car is that Jimmy King drives in Emmerdale. I know it is a vauxhall that has been toyed with by irmscher but i am not sure what the original model is, Can anyone help me out please?



  Bingalau 20:22 03 May 2007


  @[email protected]!c 20:27 03 May 2007


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:30 03 May 2007

Vauxhall VXR8...goes like a cheetah with a pin in it's backside.....click here

  @[email protected]!c 20:35 03 May 2007

wow very nice motor :)

  Koochy 20:47 03 May 2007

Thanks for the prompt reply GANDALF i have searched and searched.

Bingalau i take it your not a soapy person then.

@[email protected]!c I take it you weren't a vauxhall fan until you saw GANDALF's link

Thanks guys


  Monoux 21:07 03 May 2007

GANDALF <|:-)> -Wouldn't the cheetah just turn around and eat the person with a pin in their hand ? :o)

  Fred the flour grader 22:04 03 May 2007

It's based on a Holden, or should I say it is a V8 Holden which are a General Motors brand built in Oz. Clarkson and his gang rave about them on Top Gear all the time.

  Bingalau 22:16 03 May 2007

Koochy. Correct I am not into soaps at all. But funnily enough I remember when Emmerdale started and I remember "Mr Wilkes and "Amos Brierley" I liked old "Amos" but stopped watching all soaps long before he expired.

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