What is the best freebie you've had.

  rdave13 18:38 17 Jun 2011

** .. and used the most?**

Mine is a yellow duck that shows the temperature of bathwater. It was in an envelope, sent by the local council, concerning safety in the house, a few years ago. Checking the water temperature for the children's bath it has been invaluable for me, though I still double check with the elbow. Simple but very useful.

  Flak999 18:46 17 Jun 2011

A battery tester that was given away at the ideal home exhibition one year, it tests the charge in all types of dry cell batteries and has proved incredibly useful over the years!

  sunnystaines 18:51 17 Jun 2011

ms office 2007

got it off freecycle

  ams4127 19:48 17 Jun 2011

In 1965 I managed to get a flight in one of our T4 Lightnings. 1000mph and a "Ten Ton Club" tie. My only mistake was, when asked if I wanted a reheat takeoff, I replied "yes"!!

If you want one now, you'll have to go to Thunder City, South Africa and it will cost you many pennies.

  sunnystaines 20:00 17 Jun 2011


would like to do the lightning trip, not sure if too tall at 6'3 and half inches tall.

will be on my list if i ever visit RSA. remember as a boy watching them take off and the afterburn glow pure power.

  chub_tor 21:14 17 Jun 2011

Well they were free but more of an inheritance really. My dad was a bricklayer all his life and when he died in 1976 I got his trowels, spirit level, plumb lines, snap string and hod along with his plasterers floats. They have travelled with me and been used all over the world on the half dozen or so homes and gardens we have owned. Google Earth still shows the brick patio and walls I built with those tools in Hurst, Texas when we lived over there. Definitely my best and most used freebie.

  rdave13 21:38 17 Jun 2011


You've just reminded me of the 'dollies' my dad made for me many years ago when I was a boat builder. Lathed to the right weight and used many times repairing clinker built boats. Haven't used them for years but still in my tool box.

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