What benefits do you look for in a new job?

  Z1100 23:59 07 Jun 2007

I never used to bother so long as I was paid. However over the past three years I have had at least £15,000.00 worth of expert care from the Priory all paid for by BUPA available with the package my Wife has with the company she works for.

I have to say I am very glad we have it but when it was mentioned we both thought it would be no use to us.

I am pleased to be wrong, so do you look for More than just a job?


  wee eddie 09:38 08 Jun 2007

A job is an Income.

A choice of 2 jobs allow you to consider the range of options.

Benefits-in-kind are the bits that keep valuable staff from straying.

  Jackcoms 10:06 08 Jun 2007


  Cymro. 13:11 08 Jun 2007

A job is all too often just a necessary evil for most people. Just a way to pay the bills.

So I think we should look for the minimum number of hours per week and retirement as

early as possible. If working was so great then the rich would keep it all to themselves.

  The Brigadier 13:17 08 Jun 2007

We offer job security, good pay & interesting places to work in!

  Cymro. 13:33 08 Jun 2007

Please explain more.
Is job security one weeks notice if you are lucky?
Is good pay £5.00 per hour?
Is interesting places to work down some coal mine.

  Pamy 13:54 08 Jun 2007

With the name The Brigadier, I thought he ment the army. A job for life ( it may be a few hrs if posted to some war area) Good pay (yes i'm sure it is) and interesting places to work ( like Afganistan etc.)

  Cymro. 14:34 08 Jun 2007

Yes I suppose the Brigadier did mean the army.

As they say "join the army see the world,
meet interesting people and learn how to kill them".

  pj123 17:13 08 Jun 2007

Cymro. and get killed yourself, even by people who are supposed to be on your side.

  Bingalau 17:33 08 Jun 2007

People join the armed forces with a much better attitude than some of you people seem to have. Most of them join because they want to help to keep this country free. I know I did and I knew hundreds like me. I know some who joined because they couldn't get jobs etc. But to say they join to kill and be killed is pushing the boundaries a bit much. We knew it was likely to happen, true. Personally I think some of you people play too many of these violent computer games. But you know nothing of real violence.

  Noldi 18:36 08 Jun 2007

I’m lucky I work in my favourite sport so I always look to see who has the best prospects of success if I move.
Must add I used to work on a stay no longer than 7 years theory but im now nearly 9 years in one place. You spend a lot of time working so you have to be happy that has to be top of the list.


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