What are your ways of dealing with this?

  peter99co 13:44 30 Jun 2008

Green target 'to hike fuel bills'

A difficult problem that will affect us all.

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  jack 14:05 30 Jun 2008

Which it seems to be the desired object of the EU with regard us in the UK

Our fuel bills are already higher than those of European consumers with the same [European owned] providers

  Cymro. 14:34 30 Jun 2008

"The pips will undoutedly squeak
Which it seems to be the desired object of the EU with regard us in the UK"

It sounds as if you think the U.K. is being some sort of target for the E.U. and that they are deliberately picking on us to pay more for our fuel.

You then go on to say
"Our fuel bills are already higher than those of European consumers with the same [European owned] providers".

I hope that you have the fact and figures to prove that statement.

  interzone55 15:25 30 Jun 2008

I would say our heating bills are higher than Spain & lower than Norway.

I let you work out why that is...

On a more serious note the disparity with fuel prices across the EU is nowhere near as big as it used to be...

  day2strike 15:37 30 Jun 2008

The "Green" issue could become a major part in the next General Election.

  Wilham 16:35 30 Jun 2008

An article in today's D. Tel Business section, page B5, includes this....

"UK users have yet to feel the full impact of these new price pressures. As our evidence to the Commons Business and Enterprise Select Committee last week made clear, energy suppliers are now paying a wholesale cost of more than £1 a therm for gas this coming winter - nearly double last winter's price - yet it is currently being sold on at 60p a therm to customers."

The author is Sam Laidlaw who is Chief Exec. of Centrica which owns British Gas.
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if you wish to read it in full

  Chegs ®™ 22:48 30 Jun 2008

erect thousands of new wind turbines.

Grrr,these dam things are an eyesore and very inefficient.A much cheaper & efficient source would be nuclear,but the government wont commit to new build for fear of upsetting the voters.I've got a nuclear station just down the coast that is presently undergoing dismantling,it is also the site of THORP(Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant)that is struggling to retain custom as the french have a similar plant since ours upset the japanese a few years ago.

  jack 08:32 01 Jul 2008

Thicker woollies and porridge for breakfast then[If you can afford the oats that is]

  peter99co 17:16 01 Jul 2008

It amazes me how many people want cheaper electricity but will not accept a wind generator anywhere nearer than 10 miles from themselves. England is a wonderful place to live and it would be wrong to spoil the view in a lot of places but they have to be installed somewhere.

The NIMBYS have got to bite the bullet sometime as the cost is not going to go down.

The anti-nuke people would do well to visit Sellafield.

  interzone55 17:34 01 Jul 2008

We've just had 26 wind turbines installed less than a mile from our house.

There's 5 of the 26 running at the moment and we've can't here any noise at all from them.

I have to say that they look fantastic, much better than the loads of pylons that used to dot the moorland.

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  Bingalau 18:42 01 Jul 2008

Why don't they build these windmills in the old fashioned way. I mean they were accepted scenery and very nice scenery too. If they were good enough for our grand fathers they are good enough for me.

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