What are "heat lumps"?

  Covergirl 19:36 03 Aug 2010

As usual around the warm times of the year, everybody I know seems to get hit by several of these soft round red bumps which itch like mad.

I've looked up many hits off Google click here but can't seem to get a definitive answer - Google doesn't even suggest "Heat Lumps" - as soon as you get to the 'u' it starts suggesting "heat bumps".

Are they some kind of mite, or just a reaction to heat . . . ? Not that it's all that massively warm at the moment . . . :)


  morddwyd 19:45 03 Aug 2010

I'm with Google - we call them heat bumps.

Don't know what causes them though.

  jack 19:50 03 Aug 2010
  hssutton 20:08 03 Aug 2010

I'm also with Google on this one, along with the treatment of vinegar and Bi-carb rubbed onto the offending lumps

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:14 03 Aug 2010

Heat rash or prickly heat are other terms for it.

  hssutton 20:32 03 Aug 2010

Jack are you sure about that?

As I mentioned previously I'm with Google and also Fruit Bat on this.

  babybell 21:50 03 Aug 2010

It seems to be worse when sun tan lotion is applied, I'm assuming this is because the sweat glands are over active but the cream makes it difficult for it to get out, therefore aggrevating the skin.

  sunnystaines 22:22 03 Aug 2010

are both right

vinegar or gel squeezed from aloe vera leaf will help. beware in stains clothing and drips badly after being cut.

  morddwyd 08:37 04 Aug 2010

Prickly heat is totally different.

Heat bumps are individual widely separated raised red itching lumps, like big pimples, which look like a bite.

Prickly heat covers wide areas, and produces clusters of small red "goose pimples" and is, like your other suggestion, like a rash.

  ella33 11:24 04 Aug 2010

I haven't googled but would probably use a calamine cream preparation, as bicarb really dried my skin out when I had chicken pox.

Piriton is quick acting if it is hives, or bites, there are non drowsy tablets, like Piriteze which some prefer.

If it is just heat a cool shower but not cold, however tempting because that closes the pores and could make it worse.

  jack 11:39 04 Aug 2010

is the correct name for this condition which can have many causes-
It would seem that the 'Heat' part of the bumps is the Catalyst if you will of an underlying condition which can b vary from individual to individual just like other skin conditions.

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