What about those prepared statements?

  jack 15:13 07 Jun 2008

Black hat started something with the click here thread.

The other thing that gets me 'awondering' is after some tragic event the victim or relative or representative have to read a prepared statement [prepared by whom?]
Where quite plainly the words are not those of the individual.
I appreciate the gathered media need to hear something to earn their keep and perhaps the individual has no adequate words to offer. but sometimes I can feel the embarrassment from through the TV screen.

  Jim Thing 15:16 07 Jun 2008

Isn't it usually the solicitor?

  Forum Editor 15:31 07 Jun 2008

are often prepared with help from Police/lawyers/press agents. Not everyone feels at ease in front of a battery of film cameras and microphones, and not everyone is as articulate as a TV presenter. In those circumstances a little help is often needed, and if you are in a highly emotional state it can be much easier to read something, than to speak off the cuff.

  Stuartli 15:56 07 Jun 2008

Yet another example of a preconceived and misguided view of events that, for one reason or another, receive extensive news coverage.

  laurie53 20:10 07 Jun 2008

The trouble is that the press see it as their god-given right to squeeze every last ounce of sensational emotion from such people, and can get very vitriolic if they don't get their way.

  Stuartli 22:26 07 Jun 2008

There is no obligation on anyone to make a statement, prepared or otherwise, if they so wish.

Many such statements are made to thank the police, the public and anyone else involved for their help and assistance for whatever reason and circumstances.

That also includes the Press. Gerry and Kate McCann, for instance, have and still do make maximum use of all types of media in their sadly so far unsuccessful attempt to trace their daughter Madelaine.

  laurie53 08:55 08 Jun 2008

A bit naive I think.

While you are right to say that people are under no obligation they are under a great deal of pressure, as anyone who has been directly involved will tell you.

As for the McCanns, they sell newspapers, and do not ascribe anything more altruistic than that to the Press.

  Colin 09:55 08 Jun 2008

Whilst not quite the same as prepared statements, I always wonder what possesses people who have had a child/parent/relative murdered to appear on TV very soon after the event. I can’t think that that can be anything but media pressure.

  Stuartli 11:17 08 Jun 2008

>>A bit naive I think.>>

As someone with more than 40 years' experience as a journalist, I do think that I might have somewhat more experience of the media world than a conjecturing outsider...:-)

The McCanns are not newsagents (as your comment seems to implie!), they have used the Press publicity to maximum potential impact and success in their quest.

There are many others who have done so even if, by chance, they detest or hate the Press for whatever reasons.

I'm not going to name names, but I'm sure you and anyone else could easily come up with half-a-dozen names with little difficulty.

  Forum Editor 11:28 08 Jun 2008

The McCanns have certainly made use of the media in their quest to find their daughter, but they have been an absolute godsend for editors with space to fill and copies to sell.

I agree with laurie53 - in that context the McCanns certainly do sell newspapers.

  jack 11:45 08 Jun 2008

Though perhaps it was not plain.
When these poor folk read this stuff to the media, the writers are using language very often- you know the individual would not normally use in the normal life.
I do not want to go into individual cases- but in a recent case the father of the deceased was sitting reading from a 'sheet' and I simply felt - this is not the way this man would normally speak- the words are not his.
True perhaps if He spoke 'off the cuff' the language may not have been broadcast/printable - but it seems to me the author of the piece used language in style not appropriate to that individual.

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