What about the athletes?

  Blackhat 17:55 17 Aug 2007

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No mention of the athletes, who will be panting and gasping to their last breath during competition.

They will be there for a few weeks, already some countries have said they would delay the arrival of their athletes!

Lucky I wasn't planning on going.

Can they clean it up before the games?

  4gig 18:11 17 Aug 2007

We will only find success when we stop giving our athletes huge sums of our money for achieving a kitchen drawer full of wood.

In the past our great winners got very little support.

Support should only start when they start winning some races or events.
Why worry about your race placings when the money keeps rolling in.It just the same when politicians gets voted in; just sit back,under perform and the brass will soon turn into a pocket full of gold.

So I hope we don't fall back and simply blame our failures on smog vision.

  Legolas 18:35 17 Aug 2007

I was in Beijing 3 years ago on holiday and never found the air polluted and had no trouble breathing. Although even in that short time I believe the growth of traffic has been massive. If you can afford it I would recommend going to the Olympics and to see the City. I loved what I seen both of Beijing and other places in China

  Forum Editor 18:39 17 Aug 2007

If it can be done, they'll do it, and the good citizens of Beijing will have no say in how it's done - they'll obey orders.

It's difficult to understand, from the perspective of someone living in this country, quite how determined the Chinese authorities are that the Beijing Olympics will be 'the perfect games', and how the population will resign themselves to whatever restrictions are placed on them. Nothing will be left to chance, and if it's humanly possible to achieve cleaner air in the city for the games they will achieve it.

They'll have to pull their fingers out though, I was there recently, and the air was fit to choke a cat. It hits you as you ride into the city from the airport in one of Beijing's disgusting little cabs. Wind the windows down and within minutes your eyes feel like you haven't slept for a week. Wind the windows up and you're treated to the full blast of your driver's B.O. and/or the faint reminder of some previous passenger's personal hygiene problems. It's always a pleasure to get into the hotel and feel the aircon take control.

  Forum Editor 18:44 17 Aug 2007

several thousand additional new cars take to the roads in Beijing every day - the increase in traffic over the past few years has been phenomenal.

You're right about Beijing, it's a fascinating, and in places a very beautiful city. It has its ugly side, but olympic visitors will be firmly discouraged from visiting those areas.

  Legolas 18:48 17 Aug 2007

I was sad to hear that a lot of the hutong area of the city had been demolished to make way for new roads to take people to the Olympics. The hutong is one of the oldest parts of Beijing where you can see many of the old orginal houses. click here

  pj123 19:22 17 Aug 2007

"Any driver caught contravening the restrictions will be fined 100 yuan ($13, £6.50) by 6,500 police officers."

Now that's an awful lot of money to pay. I don't think I would like to be fined by 6,500 police officers for one offence?

  Legolas 19:29 17 Aug 2007

I seen a report in the news today. Registration nmbers ending in even numbers are not allowed in the city one day and registration numbers ending in odd numbers are banned the next, they hope this will go a log way to reducing the pollution hmmm not so sure that will help much.

  wee eddie 19:34 17 Aug 2007

With a Number Plate of the alternative kind

  Blackhat 19:42 17 Aug 2007

A second number plate would be cheaper, no doubt someone has already cornered the market.

  Legolas 19:46 17 Aug 2007

I would have thought the Chinese would have thought of that and taken steps to prevent it.

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