What 21st Century?

  laurie53 19:08 08 Feb 2009

The R&A in St Andrews are unlikely to offer honorary membership to the new principal at St Andrews University because she is a female and women members are not allowed.

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This is Homecoming Year so come back to Scotland and celebrate all the ancient traditions, like sexual discrimination.

  Joe R 19:38 08 Feb 2009


but does the good lady even play golf? :)

I have got to say, that, surely a complaint to one of the many discrimination boards would bring about, a much needed change to the law.

Or, is this one of the deep seated (male bastions) which ride roughshod, over any and all objections?

  mark2 19:58 08 Feb 2009

of the many discrimination boards would bring about, a much needed change to the law.

Let the PC brigade loose ???

2 quotes from the link

Mr Salmond said: "The Royal and Ancient Golf Club should follow their long-standing practice of offering membership to the principal of St Andrews University, and I am sure that after due consideration they will continue with that honourable tradition." and

from R&A "This is not a tradition or a right - it has only happened twice in the past." and "I think it is important to point out it is only ever issued after the principal of the day has had the opportunity to become well-known locally."

It's their club, surely they can invite who they like

  mark2 19:59 08 Feb 2009

without political pressure

  laurie53 20:07 08 Feb 2009

Ignore Mr Salmond; it is not a "long standing tradition". Only the last two have been invited to be honorary members.

I only use the Principal as an illustration of this dark ages attitude to women, although there was a breakthrough during the Womens' Open when the best women golfers in the world were begrudgingly allowed to use the locker room (though not the club and bar).

"It's their club, surely they can invite who they like"

Of course it is. Why don't we have no blacks, jews, muslims or catholics as well?

(I use all of those terms in the traditional discriminatory sense)

  Clapton is God 12:46 09 Feb 2009

I think you're being unfair to Scots when you accuse them of sexual discrimination.

Their menfolk have worn skirts for centuries. ;-))

  interzone55 14:38 09 Feb 2009

Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden

Why do lady folk insist on being allowed to join mens clubs, but if a man tries to join a ladies only society it's frowned upon.

Can of worms open - feel free to flame me...

  Pineman100 18:53 09 Feb 2009

I got thrown out of the Women's Institute.

  laurie53 20:17 09 Feb 2009

"Why do lady folk insist on being allowed to join mens clubs"

Who's insisting?

  interzone55 20:19 09 Feb 2009

Well lets see, the women who demanded access to the long room at Lords, or the women who demand access to male only university colleges, so there's none left, but there are still female only university colleges.

I could go on, but I'm sure you get my drift...

  laurie53 08:25 10 Feb 2009

As it happens I have worked in an all female university college, which was forced to admit males against the wishes of all the residents, and, in fact, most of the student body.

However, you have illustrated my point exactly.

Why do these archaic attitudes still exist in the 21st century, and if sexual discrimination is allowed why not discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation or disability?

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