WGA again

  Rigor mortis 19:13 27 Jun 2006

New version rolled out

click here

I wish they hadn't foisted the beta version on the public as a critical update.

  Spark6 23:37 28 Jun 2006

No other responses but I can assure you you are not alone in your 'wish'.

The fact that MS have responded in this way reflects the global reaction to their disguised spyware. What next?

  Input Overload 20:46 29 Jun 2006

I didn't have any problems, it's certainly brought those with illegal versions out of the bushes.

  spuds 01:12 30 Jun 2006

I like the statement in the last paragraph, "..unknowingly purchased counterfeit software are eligible for a free genuine copy at no cost ...".

According to the articles that I have read, this 'free genuine copy' only applies to the USA. England had this benefit, but it was discontinued. Anyone with a dodgy copy of Microsoft XP was advised to pursue the seller or supplier by themselves.

  Rigor mortis 19:36 30 Jun 2006

Input Overload, I don't believe that any right thinking person will be against MS rooting out users of pirate copies of XP.
I think that they should not included a beta version or indeed the latest version as part of their "Critical Updates". They also should explain why the beta and current version need to 'phone home repeatedly. Either the copy in use is genuine or it isn't. The status couldn't change, could it?

  spuds 19:39 30 Jun 2006

This is getting more interesting. According to California and Washington State, Microsoft as violated consumer protection laws by issuing this download. A law suit as been filed against Microsoft in Seattle last Monday.

  CurlyWhirly 20:11 30 Jun 2006

This could just be rumour I don't know?

click here

  semag 20:16 30 Jun 2006

All the billions of Dollars Microsoft must have made from Windows and theyre worried about a small number of pirate copies? Vista is coming out soon why dont they just worry about getting that right and pirate proof.

  rsinbad 22:24 30 Jun 2006

WGA is nothing but spyware ok validate your copy of windows ;but to continue reporting home is way out of order.

As such i have treated it with the same contemp as other spyware an d deleted the reporting home part click here

  Devil Fish 23:32 30 Jun 2006

Rigor mortis

yes the status could change an individual could have a quite legal single user copy of windows but then decide to install it on another machine for what ever reason thus invalidating the license agreement with microsoft

  fleamailman 22:46 01 Jul 2006

I think the great thing about MS is that they always bring out the best in the pirates, I think I have lost count of the number of way I have read that WGA can be compromised. Myself, I just don't download those updates anymore, my version is legal but I will be donand duck if I am falling for their game then, they are not what they say they are or they turn out to be more than they say they are.

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