We've talked about energy consumption before,

  Forum Editor 09:01 13 Nov 2010

but I've recently been talking to some people who told me that 2% of the world's entire energy consumption goes on building and running computers.
Experts at IBM say that the cost of building a new data centre is nothing compared to the cost of running it.

It made me sit up and take notice, and got me thinking about that old chestnut - do you turn your computer off when you're not using it, or do you just leave it running?

  Taff™ 09:17 13 Nov 2010

Our electrical bill shows the amount of electricity used in the comparable quarter last year and despite the fact that we are using less the bill is significantly higher this year. Yesterdays announcement about rising charges just adds to the equation.

There are two laptops and one tower in the household and they are all switched off at night. My laptop which is in constant use during the day is the main power consumer amongst them and I`ve now got into the habit of using "Hibernation" if I leave it for anything more than 30 minutes.

I believe that`s the lowest possible power consumption state without turning it off and allows me to resume working within 20 seconds.

  jack 09:26 13 Nov 2010

I fire up at 8 AM or some times later if I have been to the gym- deal with the mail -look here and the hibernate until I come back after the household chores.
And this is the situation during the day -a quick look at the mail - hibernate - do a job - hibernate-
Like wise home heating - no heating on whilst I am active about the place or out of the house- heating on when I have settled for the day to watch TV or read etc., result British Gas include in the bill a forcast of my likely annual cost a current consuption- currently the coming year will cost - £89.00- thats right - no zeros left off and the dot in the correct place.
Electricity approx £500 for the coming year.
I try to keep it so that HMG's bounty of £250 will cover approx 50% of my fuel cost.

  carver 09:43 13 Nov 2010

We have 3 PC'S and one laptop in the house and they are all set to sleep mode after 20 minutes with the monitors going into standby after 10 minutes.

And as Taff™ say it allows some one then to resume using them within a few seconds, not the most energy efficient but far better than just leaving them running.

I think it's far better to go in that direction than have some one spend 2 minutes booting up a PC before it van be used.

We have tried to cut energy bills but you can only go so far without spending vast amounts to try and save a small amount in energy.

  rdave13 10:10 13 Nov 2010

If I'm running the desktop then it stays on most of the day. Monitor goes to standby if not used for 30 min. On the laptop I just close the lid so it goes to sleep.
Watching one episode of The Gadget show I was surprised that leaving an LED TV on standby costs only 18p a year.

  the hick 10:26 13 Nov 2010

Our two PC's hibernate after 30 minutes. I only shut them down if we go away on holiday, as I think hibernate mode consumes very little.

  Chris the Ancient 10:38 13 Nov 2010

Mine goes off at night.

Because my desk is configured with quite a few power bricks as well for things like printers, scanner, speakers etc., I actually switch off the supply to the whole of the desk (apart from the phone).

The couple of minutes I lose from waiting for things to boot up are used to make a cup of tea.

  lotvic 15:18 14 Nov 2010

I only leave the Router on 24/7 as otherwise it plays havoc with connection and speeds.

  Belatucadrus 15:39 14 Nov 2010

Off every time, I've always found the theory that repeated turning a PC on and off to be a grotty old chestnut and not worth bothering with. I also fail to see the point in paying for a PC to do nothing.

  spuds 15:40 14 Nov 2010

If we are away from the property the computer, printer etc are all turned off, as are many other non-necessary items. Once back the computer system comes back on, then hibernates.

With leaving things on, I knew a family that went on holiday and left their fridge-freezer on, with the end results there was a fire, which gutted their rather expensive and rather nice prized 'retirement' home. Everything was lost, including family keepsakes. The insurance will pay for a re-build, but thats not going to be the same!.

So whether its to save energy or prevent a fire, then the decision is for you to decide.

  peter99co 15:43 14 Nov 2010

I have a remote switch which sometimes goes on when a clock timer goes active and must create a spark.

I always shut down the PC when finished with. The monitor turns off after 10 mins when PC is in a backup.

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