Wettest day for 50 years...

  Quickbeam 13:29 25 Jun 2007

apparently click here

Not often I agree unequivocally with a newspaper headline.

  Pine Man 13:43 25 Jun 2007

I suppose everybody will start worrying about 'Global Wetting' now!

  wee eddie 13:47 25 Jun 2007

We haven't got to Glasgow Fayre yet!

  PalaeoBill 13:58 25 Jun 2007

The sun is shining in Leicester and has been for most of the morning.

  Bingalau 14:21 25 Jun 2007

Been rather wet and windy in Liverpool area and we have had a lot of rain in "God's Little Acre" Formby. But it looks as if it is brightening up a little now.

  Mike D 14:32 25 Jun 2007

Oh well, I suppose it will soon be time for drought orders again!

  Input Overload 14:38 25 Jun 2007

It rained all night & it's been raining all day here in Chestefield.

  TopCat® 15:37 25 Jun 2007

around the world I think I've come up with a lucrative business idea. There's floods in some countries and droughts in others, the latest I read being eight million Chinese suffering severe water shortages in the Inner Mongolia and Liaoning province. click here

What I need is a fleet of tankers complete with tanks lined with stainless steel and I reckon I could make a fortune, after costs, carrying water to these arid areas. Anyone got a fleet they would like to hire out to me and be rewarded with a large share of the profits? :o)) TC.

  johndrew 16:14 25 Jun 2007

Would it be cheaper and less polluting to install a pipeline? You could be the world`s first water mogul and sell the stuff to some of the oil producers - or perhaps exchange it for oil - after all there was one plan to float an iceberg to the Middle East!!!!

  TopCat® 16:36 25 Jun 2007

To keep the thread on track I report here that my area in Cornwall has been drowning for many hours now. Very heavy rain for most of today but dropped to a drizzle just at the moment.

johndrew. I would off-load supplies into storage tanks at many ports around the world. These countries would then have to use a pipeline or road tankers to get it to where it's needed. ;o) TC.

  Diemmess 17:00 25 Jun 2007

I expect most know the Met Office radar rainfall site ? click here
I watch it most days. Back tracking shows me why from dusk last night, till about midday today I collected 45mm of rain in the gauge.

Late Tuesday afternoon was spectacular with only 32 mm but all in 25 minutes!
The lane outside drained through our garden like a micro-tsunami when the gullies in the road just couldn't cope any more.
That was certainly the wettest hour in all the years I have lived about a mile from the Severn not far from the Welsh border.

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