Were the London Olympics a bad idea?

  Si_L 14:25 10 Jul 2007

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This is a PC Advisor article that I have just read.

It seems we are spending too much money on this, but I was wondering if anyone knew how much revenue London 2012 would bring in? Does the income justify how much we are pouring into this project?

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  octal 14:50 10 Jul 2007

I presume you live in London?

"The first £2.050 billion of the funding package will be met from up to £1.5 billion from the lottery and up to £550 million from London Council Tax, which would cost the average London household (Band D) £20 a year or 38p a week."

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So how much more is this going to put on the London tax payer?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:51 10 Jul 2007

Worst idea ever.


  LastChip 14:52 10 Jul 2007


The government's screwed up yet again, so what's new?

The real question is, where's the money going to come from?

The country is committed to the games. Not having the infrastructure built on time, is not an option. The World-Wide embarrassment that would cause is unthinkable.

As for the money that is likely to be generated, my best guess is, we will be very lucky to break even, but we will have world class facilities to use after it's all finished and this is probably the only way we were likely to get them.

  spikeychris 15:15 10 Jul 2007

This place is turning into one of the most miserable pessimistic gloomy glum corners of the net I have ever seen – the Olympics are an honour and they need paying for.
Henceforth I recommend a name change. PCA should be now be understood as..

P ointless

C ynical

A ngry

  MichelleC 15:21 10 Jul 2007

...This place is turning into one of the most miserable pessimistic gloomy glum corners of the net I have ever seen...

Well, you have the power to cheer everyone up if you want.

  leo49 15:26 10 Jul 2007

The olympics are a debt millstone as every host for the last 20-odd years has found out.

Incredibly high price to pay for the dubious priviege of watching drug-fuelled contestants competing for endorsement contracts.

  Confab 15:30 10 Jul 2007

I live about a mile just inside the M25, East London and commute to work in Canary Wharf each weekday. My daily commute consists of one train and one tube journey. I rarely get a seat on either during rush hour. In 2012 when this part of the world will be absolutely choc-a-bloc with athletes, celebs, spectators, press etc (and not just for two weeks but many many weeks before and after the games) what’s going to happen then? Trains and tubes will be absolutely bursting at the seams and traffic will be at a standstill. I am not looking forward to it one bit. There is already talk about staggering work time so I could come into work early and leave early or come in later and leave later but I don’t want to do that,

My council tax has gone up to help pay for the games and I don’t agree with this either.

The money could easily be better spent elsewhere - NHS, care for the elderly or education for example.

Rant over

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