We're All in This Together (2)

  morddwyd 12:10 16 Feb 2012
  Quickbeam 12:22 16 Feb 2012

They would've save a fortune if they used some of those driegh but functional Scots B&Bs that serve salty porridge and the village community hall for the conference, which would put some money back into the local economy. Not a lot mind.

  lotvic 13:51 16 Feb 2012

I think you are missing the point fm, "The event costs £395 per person in accommodation" you would have thought they could have found a cheaper venue.

  Woolwell 14:04 16 Feb 2012

I wonder where the figures come from. A quick look on the Fairmont St Andrews website indicates that a room will cost £159 per night that is £318 for two nights. But that is before any discounts are applied and for an event like this I would expect that substantial discounts would have been negotiated. Is the figure for the conference? This would include meals, coffee, speakers, etc. With negotiated discounts 5 star hotels can work out as cheap as, and sometimes better than 3 star. They also often have the facilities to hold a large conference which is not present elsewhere (community halls frequently cannot hold large conference with the associated audio visual systems).

However the principle of arranging something like this at a 5 Star hotel is wrong as it sends out the wrong signals. It becomes a PR disaster.

  morddwyd 16:14 16 Feb 2012

What is even sillier, of course, is that the Fairmont St Andrews is in Fife, but Fife Council is not attending the conference!

  Bapou 18:29 16 Feb 2012

What is all the fuss about? Any councillor could tell you it's their right to spend taxpayer's money on these events. A 5 star hotel will provide the right atmosphere for serious discussion, delegates can concentrate in a more luxurious venue than the Dog and Duck.

At the end of the conference they can return to their respective councils fully convinced the cost has been well spent and decisions made will be beneficial to the respective ratepayers.

Just because nothing will be of real benefit to ratepayers, reducing council tax is not a consideration, where's the harm in a weekend's jolly at taxpayers expense?

After all, you get your bins emptied on a regular basis and the flower beds look nice on the roundabouts.

  Bingalau 19:27 16 Feb 2012

Yes we pay an incresing amount for police every year, but they still manage to close the local police station at night and every other police station for miles around. We are lucky if we see a police person. It's a bit like looking for a four leafed clover.

  Chegs ®™ 20:00 16 Feb 2012

Our council used to hold its jollies in various fancy hotels in different districts rather than use local hotels as they insisted there were no local quality hotels. A few slaggings in the local paper later,and no more out of town jollies. Not sure the paper was entirely to blame as the council do have a huge office complex with conference facilities now,they had before but no constraints on budget then.

  morddwyd 20:05 16 Feb 2012

"Free Prescriptions, Free University Education,"

From the Council Tax?

  badgery 11:51 17 Feb 2012

Tangalooma_2006 "..Free old Folks and nursing homes"

What planet are you on? The 'going rate' for nursing care homes in Scotland is around £600 per week. There is a contribution made of around £200 and the remaining £400 has to be self-funded, depending on your 'assets'. At £400 per week a 'nest egg' wont last all that long for some elderly folk.

So let's have no more of this 'Free Nursing homes' nonsense, please.

  spuds 12:57 17 Feb 2012

I was at a meeting about three weeks ago, apparently there are discussions on government 'guidelines' about serious changes to 'care for the elderly' and those making claims for various benefits. Your local council should have some information about this!.

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