Wembley Stadium Rip Off

  missingit 12:05 20 May 2007

I knew that hamburgers(£8),hot dogs(£6.50)pies(£4.50) etc were going to be expensive at the new Wembley Stadium.
Seemingly only made from the best of ingredients.(Yeah right).

But your a packet of crisps as advertised by Gary Lineker are costing a pound a packet.

One assumes that that they will not be the common or garden crisps that one buys at our local shop.

Yes I know we have a choice whether we buy them at that price or not,but I would be interested in the justification for such a cost.

Still the price of the crisps didn't affect one spectator,she had taken along her black pudding sandwiches(yuk).

  simon_lambert 12:22 20 May 2007

They cost that much because they know they can sell them for that price. Lesson to be learned here is to take your own food to footy games.

  Forum Editor 12:55 20 May 2007

will learn a lesson very rapidly. Give them time, and the prices will come down, I'm sure. I wouldn't pay £6:50 for a hotdog if I was starving.

  [email protected] 13:03 20 May 2007

it's the 'captive audience' thing again. they seem to do it at concerts now, some even ban you from taking food and water in. Pretty close to robbery i think!

  Legolas 13:04 20 May 2007

Yesterdays match cost an average of £65 for a ticket, £10 for a programme, £8 for a burger and whatever else for transport and a few bevvies.

All that to watch a non-event. I watched it on Sky Sports and was not impressed by either team they looked tired and jaded it must be hard work to play ninety minutes plus injury time for the pittance they get....

  g0slp 13:11 20 May 2007

click here

I wasn't suprised to read that. (It's towards the end of the article). I agree with adman 2's comment. I also agree with the FE - £6.50 for a hot dog? You must be joking...

  Legolas 13:38 20 May 2007

I believe that is not just any old hotdog but it is Prime dog that is in it ;-)

  g0slp 14:03 20 May 2007


There was me thinking that a dog's not just for Christmas...

(Ducks for cover & looks for tin hat...)

  Legolas 14:16 20 May 2007

Don't get me wrong I love dogs but I couldn't eat a whole one ;-);-)

  picklsey 14:18 20 May 2007

let,s see now

food over priced

stadium over priced

players way over priced

  picklsey 14:21 20 May 2007

missed a bit sorry

fools and their money easely parted priceless

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