Well, Would you Adam & Eve It?

  MCE2K5 17:33 19 Sep 2008

Last night at 9:00pm, Looked out of the Bedroom Window, Thought Funny, Why is there a White Mini-Bus parked right outside my Front door with five people in it (Driver + four others with Mobile Phones lighting up the inside.

After watching for a minute or so, Got back to the PCA Forums, Our Cat wanted to get into the window (She's a bit Nosey now she's recovered from her Opperation),

So I opened the curtains to let her onto the Window ledge, This must have startled the Gang the driver started up the Mini Bus and drove off at High speed with the Lights off, Thought no more about it.

Later on, ie, 2:56am i added to this Post click here

Did a full check of all the PCA Forums (Looking for Spam, as I do at this time between 3:00am & 4:00am), The cat wanted to go in the Window again at 3:45am, Opened the Curtains a little bit at the Left hand side, Ellow Ellow, The Mini-Bus is back again, Yet again thought no more about it (Possable that the Driver was lost!),

Anyway I shut the PC down at 4:15am, Started to pack it up, Again the Cat wanted to go back into the window, So before I did that, I Turned off the Modem/Router at 4:25am went to the window opened the curtains quite a bit this time, Guess what, The Mini-Bus was still there, The Driver spotted me having a good look this time, Again it Sped off with the Lights Off.

This time I called the Police on the Non-Emergency Number, Within Five minutes Two Police cars turned up, Had a drive Round, Found no Mini-Bus.

Back came one of the Police Cars to take a statement and have a chat, The very nice Police Man took out his Mobile Phone, Pressed a few buttons and said "There are two BB Modems on Yours (Netgear-108) and one three doors up the street (Netgear-101) Both showing SSID" (Mine aint now, Turned it Off and used click here to generate a Maximum WPA Security (63 characters/504 bits).

After about six minutes of chatting, He said "It sound like are Hackers, they were trying to gain access to your Computer or use your Broad Band for Free.

Question. How did he Know that, Is it possable with a Mobile Phone.

So, If anybody in the Swadlincote Area sees a Large White (16 Seater) Mini-Bus with Tinted windows all round (With the First letter of Reg Plate 'G', with at least 5 People in it (using Mobile Phones), Parked outside YOUR House with the lights off any time bewteen 8:30pm and 4:00am Call the Police.

Then check your PC & Modem Security (Better still, Do it Now).

  lofty29 17:49 19 Sep 2008

It is amazing just how many people, in spite of all the warning do not bother with basic security, especially on wireless networks.

  MCE2K5 17:53 19 Sep 2008

I had got plenty of security, I decided today to Up it a lot more.

  Forum Editor 18:12 19 Sep 2008

going on, and your advice is sensible - everyone who has a wireless router should ensure that they have as much protection as possible.

  Weskit 18:54 19 Sep 2008

Isn't WPA2 sufficient?

  MCE2K5 19:17 19 Sep 2008

Netgear Wireless ADSL Router DG 834GT only has 4 options.

1. Disable

2. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)

3. WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key)

4. WPA-802.1x

Sadly it hasn't got WPA2.

  Pesala 19:17 19 Sep 2008
  MCE2K5 19:27 19 Sep 2008

I thought about that too, But all paper gets Shredded & Burned.

If they want my rubbish they can have it (Complete with Cat Litter), Phew!!

  smokingbeagle 19:30 19 Sep 2008

Maybe someone is organising access for the plastic mac (as in raincoat) brigade. Yuck.

  peter99co 20:58 19 Sep 2008

If we change from WEP to WPA how does the laptop which auto connects behave and do we have to display ssid to see it again to reconnect?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:08 19 Sep 2008

you will need to enter the new code into the laptop in the wirless configuration software also change the encription from wep to wpa.

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