well done lewis

  polish 21:09 06 Jul 2008

lewis hamilton seemed to put recent troubles behind him today and drove superbly today nice to hear the national anthem on the podium again maybe its time the press supported all of our sports people instead of trying to knock them down also rubens drove very well to make use of other drivers misfortunes

  Quiller. 21:26 06 Jul 2008

Shame none of his earnings will contribute to the British exchequer in taxes.
Switzerland has one of the lowest levels of taxation in Europe.

  Stuartli 22:01 06 Jul 2008


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I don't blame anyone for paying any more tax than is necessary - I do object to those who avoid paying taxes through deceit, fraud or misrepresentation, which certainly doesn't apply to Lewis.

  polish 23:04 06 Jul 2008

the post was not about money but about a british sportsman doing well he and his family have worked hard to get were they are and i do not begrudge them anything

  al's left peg 23:11 06 Jul 2008

I don't want to get into the tax thing to be honest. I would prefer to just say well done to the young man, I feared he was trying a bit too hard in the last couple of races and possibly getting caught in the hype. I don't really conform to the idea that he is in the best car either, he really has got a total different way of driving to some of the others in F1. His style is a very aggresive way and allows the back end of an F1 car to step out in some corners at amazing speeds. It could be his age and a bit of recklesness, but I just think it's great to watch.
Well done Lewis.

  IClaudio 16:38 07 Jul 2008

Thanks a bunch! Not being able to see it live, I'd taped the race in order to watch it tonight, and assiduously NOT listened to radio, watched TV or surfed anywhere near a sports site - thought Speakers Corner might be safe <eyes raise>!

I'm only kidding of course (it's my fault entirely...), but it might be worth putting a Spoiler warning on future posts about great sporting contests. "Lewis on Sunday", for example, would be a warning to me to go nowhere near your post until I'd seen the replay.

  day2strike 17:25 07 Jul 2008

Pity that DC crashed & Button could not handle the conditions.

  polish 19:20 07 Jul 2008

sorry IClaudio i record all the races to watch later and go thru the same of avoiding the news etc and telling people not to me the result

  Noldi 21:00 07 Jul 2008

"Switzerland has one of the lowest levels of taxation in Europe".
If you are a racing driver then you claim unemployment, Motor racings is banned in CH.


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