Well done HMRC

  QuizMan 11:55 15 Jun 2011

Yes, you are reading that correctly.

I filled in my tax return online on 31 May. It showed I was due a tax rebate and, to my complete surprise, it arrived today.

  Cymro. 14:20 15 Jun 2011

I have always thought that there was a big element of luck in these things. As in all organizations there are those that are more conscientious than the others. So it makes a big difference who it is that picks up your file.

Perhaps an Email of congratulations or thanks is the next thing for you to do. We would very soon let them know if they were not doing their job properly so why not thank them when they get it right? Yes I do know that thanks should not be necessary for just doing what they are paid to do, but a quick few lines will not go un noticed.

  Clapton is God 14:43 15 Jun 2011

I can only assume that yours is this year's file or case which HMRC managed to get right.

I received my 2011/2012 notification of tax coding a couple of months ago and surprise, surprise it was wrong.

I phoned the tax office and told them it was wrong - in their favour of course. My tax affairs aren't unduly complicated, yet it was still wrong.

"Why is it wrong?" they asked. I explained to them in words of one syllable why it was wrong.

"Oh yes, thank you sir, you're correct. We'll send out a new coding right away, sir. Three bags full, sir" they said.

New coding duly arrived and this time it was correct.

  Cymro. 15:53 15 Jun 2011

Clapton is God "New coding duly arrived and this time it was correct"

So there you are then all sorted and no more problems. What more do you want? I assume that like the rest of us you also make mistakes. Perhaps your Forum name is in fact your real name after all.

  QuizMan 17:37 15 Jun 2011

Cymro - I did contemplate a thank you note, but I am under no illusions that this is probably computer-generated. It was not a huge sum so I suspect there is a threshold below which it happens automatically. Looking at my bank statement, I had received the refund within 7 days of me submitting my return.

  Clapton is God 06:54 16 Jun 2011


You've missed the point again.

The point is that if HMRC managed to get my simple, uncomplicated tax coding wrong, how many others have they also managed to screw up?

And of those, how many people are blissfully unaware that they're wrong and are, thus, paying too much (or too little) tax?

This basic stuff is what WE pay HMRC to do. They must try a damn sight harder.

  ams4127 19:31 16 Jun 2011

I received a letter from HMRC last October informing me that I had underpaid tax since 2007 and that I now owed them just over £7000.

I wrote back explaining that all my earnings had been PAYE since 1964 (RAF) and still were in my current work. I said that they had all the correct information and that the underpayment was therefore their mistake, not mine.

Six weeks later I received another letter agreeing with me and saying that they had written the whole lot off.

Much relief all round and several beers were consumed that night.

  oresome 19:57 16 Jun 2011


Would you like to be my accountant?

  ams4127 22:15 16 Jun 2011


You provide the beer!!

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