Well done England

  bluto1 19:27 11 Oct 2008

When Defoe scored the fifth goal the camera showed us Capello with a grin on his face that reminded me of Tommy Cooper. I can hear him (TC)
saying " 5 - 1, just like that."
Well done England.

  Quiller. 19:30 11 Oct 2008

A very good score line but the performance did not match the score. IMHO.

  bluto1 19:33 11 Oct 2008

I agree with that, I nodded off for a few minutes in the first half.

  Jak_1 21:47 11 Oct 2008

One thing marred the game, the morons who booed Ashley Cole. Ok it was his mistake that led to a goal, when the strikers and midfield make a mistake normally it is no big deal and no harm done. The keeper and defenders don't have that luxury. We were 2-0 up before that goal and a class above khazakstan and really there was never any danger of us losing the match.

  ventanas 21:55 11 Oct 2008

I was really enjoying this match when the words "Strictly is on the other side" rang in my ears. Still the highlights are on after that other flaming phone in program.

  Si_L 22:20 11 Oct 2008

Poor first half, but you can't complain with 9 out of 9 points, and the best goal difference in all the tables so far.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:35 12 Oct 2008

Could anyone tell me which top class, well-funded team England were playing against?


  Kevscar1 10:28 12 Oct 2008

Yes and in June 2010 lots of people are going to be saying. England have a really good team now. We really have a chance to win it this time.
Just like they have said every 4 years since 66.
Well at least I saw them win it once which is more than all these youngsters can say.

  nangadef 10:32 12 Oct 2008

GANDALF <|:-)> look on the back page of your Sunday news paper ;o

And you don't have to be a "top class, well-funded team" to cause an upset - look at Havant in last year's FA cup.

I thought that the "top class, well-funded team" played very well until they ran out of steam.

That's what makes football interesting.

  Si_L 10:45 12 Oct 2008

Beat them 5-1 and you still have something to complain about? We put a very strong amount of goals against a team defending with 8 players the whole time.

  version8 10:55 12 Oct 2008

1st half was very poor.
If we want to win The World Cup we need to perform 100% better!

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